Friday, May 6, 2011

Oaks, Lillies, and Pink!

Today in Louisville, it's Oaks Day -- the day before the Kentucky Derby that's locally called "Louisville's Derby." A lot of people who live in town go to Churchill Downs today and leave the actual Derby day madness to the out of towners, celebrities, and national media. The main race of today, the Oaks Stakes, is a race for fillies, and is known as the Run for the Lillies.

But the day is not just a local excuse for a party -- a few years ago, the whole day became associated with breast cancer awareness, and pink became the "must do" color for the day.

So here are some hats from Oaks Day. The second and third pictures are actually from today, while the first was from last year's race.

Even the horses are pink and fashionable today...

And to bring the blog back to jewelry, here are a few pieces I've created with various shades of pink, from sweet to bold.

So everyone pull out your mint and simple syrup, muddle it up, and get those Mint Juleps ready for tomorrow. Derby On, everyone!

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KJ said...

I have enjoyed your hat posts.