Friday, December 2, 2011

Is That Cake?

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Why, yes, yes it is cake!  Or it was.

My birthday was yesterday, and the people in my office were sweet enough to bring cake.

Yellow cake with caramel icing so good it makes you want to dance, weep for joy, and pledge to live in elastic waistbanded pants for the rest of your life in order to accommodate your ever-widening hips.  I will drive many miles to get this cake.

In fact, I made myself throw away the fork so I would stop eating it.

Not really a beady post, but I suspect that some of you might understand ;-)  The bakery ships if you're interested...I swear I don't own stock in the place!

So, what sweet plans are on tap for your weekend?


Therese's Treasures said...

Happy belated Birthday Bobbie!
The cake looks yummy and I will take your word for it that it is yummy.
I work all weekend but after work on Sunday I go to my Sister's in Alabaster to her Annual Dirty Santa Party. Everyone brings a wrapped ornament to play with, we always have a blast.

Saturday Sequins said...


Happy belated birthday!

I love your description of the cake. It sounds amazing! I had a peach pie like that for my birthday last year, and it was the same thing -- bring on the elastic waistband pants!

This weekend may just be full of sweetness for me (and stretchy pants). Mr. Sequin made brownies last night, and then he made carrot cake muffins. *Drools.*