Saturday, May 12, 2012

Karen Williams is Officially A Rock Star!

Folks, the internet is a spectacularly wonderful thing.

Okay, yes yes yes, I realize that it's also a cesspool of weirdness, depravity, stupidity and time sucking memes like cats playing piano, foosball, and/or rugby.  Work with me here....

But if you're really lucky, you stumble into a great community of people who become an important part of each day, sharing their wit, artistry, triumphs, frustrations, and the minutiae of daily life.  People with whom you feel unexpectedly, fantastically, gratefully comfortable.

Blogging has opened up a portal into that wonderful world for me, and the latest demonstration of the Awesomeness of the Internets arrived in my mail today, in the form of a surprise package from the extraordinary Karen Williams of Baublicious.

I opened the package after dark (having done day one of a weekend show, stories of which I'll share afterwards), so I wasn't able to take photos to document the awesomeness.  Pictures will come as soon as the sunlight permits....

Until then, I still feel like I've got my own little personal ray of sunshine from far away.

Thank you, Karen!


Saturday Sequins said...

A surprise package! How fun. :)

Isn't Karen awesome? She's one of my favorite people on the Interwebz, for sure.

Karen Williams said...

I am so glad you liked! I was away for the weekend - out where there was almostnno Internet, so I just found this. (I went through dts! It's amazing how addicted I am to the web)