Monday, September 24, 2012

Playing "Where's Waldo" With Beads

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My current bead room has an oriental run covering most of the floor.

Beautiful, right?  Not when you drop beads on it.

There is a 4mm emerald faceted firepolished bead somewhere on this carpet.

What, can't you see the bead? Yeah, me neither.
The escapee's companions.  They may know where the other one fell,
but they're not talking.

Normally, I would let this go and figure it's just more fodder for the vacuum cleaner.  But I'm in the middle of making the second earring in a woven set, and now I'm ONE FLIPPING GREEN BEAD SHORT.  So now I'm going to have to play "Where's Waldo" with the bead, or find a customer who likes to wear only one earring.

Yes, that will be me, on my hands and knees, peering like a CSI investigator at the rug, muttering vaguely vulgar words under my breath...If I find the bead, I'll post a photo of the completed earrings!


Alice said...

Oh no! Here's what I do when I lose something on the carpet. Get down eye level with the carpet and you should be able to see everything that sticks up. The only problem with this is if if the carpet has a tall pile.

I hope you find it!

AntiquityTravelers said...

ha! can't tell you how many times this has happened to me! especially with 2 daughters who get too close and have knocked over more than one tin of beads!

KJ said...

Try a broom instead of a vacuum. Good luck.

Skye said...

Flashlight. The facets on the bead with light up when the light hits them :)

Kepi said...

Put a nylon over the hose on your vacuum cleaner, works like a charm. Good luck!


Haha.. these little crafty things are like peas at the dinner table; you drop em and you can't seem to figure out where they went. Usually seeing the cats playing with them helps haha

Christine Altmiller said...

you have had me looking for 3 minutes so far! at GIA, i was the go-to person when someone dropped a gemstone on the rug. i could find it in second. my claim to fame. but Tiffany's wasn't hiring for those skills. so, i NEED to know...did you find it?!? one flippin' bead short...of course!

Janet Bocciardi said...

LOL! As soon as I saw that rug I though - no! that would be a nightmare for me. Mine's not much better - hardwood floors!! bounce, roll, never to be seen again, but heard when the vacuum picks them up.

Congrats on your award from Christine - so glad she introduced your blog to me!

Skylar said...

Bead rule in our house... if one hits the floor, it is sacrificed to the bead goddess. (Or, the cats who get to play with it for a bit.)

I always joke that an anthropologist will be able to retrace everywhere I've lived for the past 20 years by following the beads.

Good luck! And at least it wasn't a bead needle. Ouch!

Maneki said...

One look at that carpet and my thought was "oh no". Have dropped beads on carpets, but also on floors that camouflaged the beads so effectively you can stare right at a bead and still not see it! And I'm not just talking about seeds -- unless they're super expensive I don't even bother to try and find them...

(And not only do one perhaps find a bead on a close examination of a floor or carpet, but it also reveals just how bad one is at vacuuming as a sweep with the hand or brush reveals more cat hair and dust than anything else. Or is that just me?)