Monday, November 19, 2012

Last Show, New Table Drapes, and Ham Hocks

This past weekend was the last show in my fall season - six shows as opposed to the two or three that have been normal for the past few years.  Whew.

It was also the debut of my new table covers, necessitated by the realization a couple of weeks ago that my old covers were irredeemably ugly worn out.  Many of you were wonderful with your suggestions of new colors, and I thank you for your input.  My goal was to find fabric that was sturdy enough for repeated use (bed sheets would be too lightweight), somewhat neutral so as not to compete visually with the jewelry itself, but visually interesting enough to make my booth pop out among others (beige was out, unless I wanted to look like a booth full of oatmeal).  

I fell in love with some beautiful striped fabric in shades of soft teals and greens, but it was too similar to another local jewelry maker -- didn't want people to get confused.  So here's what I decided on (insert drum roll here...)

I'm pretty pleased with them! The show wouldn't allow my type of tent, so I had to use their pipe and drape instead of my regular curtains and sides -- normally the walls will all be beige.

And so where do the ham hocks come into the mix?  My sweet husband came with me to the show and took me out for dinner on Saturday night.  I hadn't eaten lunch during the show, and I was starving.  The menu had something called "Ham Hock Ragout" described as pork in a smoked tomato sauce.  I expected a modest serving of pork in a delicate smoky sauce.  What came out was a piece of meat that was larger than my first car.  Seriously.  It was a full-on medieval feast, Henry VIII moment.  And yes, I ate almost all of it.  Then I waddled back to the hotel...


BackstoryBeads said...

Love the bold new table drapes - they remind me of the Olympic rings! (Although I don't think anyone is noticing anything other than your amazing pieces!)

KJ said...

It turned out well Bobbie. Enough pop not to be mistaken for oatmeal and solid enough not to compete.

It was good that the show had pipes and drapes for you to use.

Christine Altmiller said...

love the look~the polka dots really do pull you right in but then the solid topper lets the jewelery be the big star. Perfect! Hope all your shows were worth all you hard work. A ham hock at the end of the rainbow. who knew?!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Bobbie,
I love the new table covers, they are bright and fun just like you. The dark green is just enough for the dots to not compete with the jewelry. I have not had a ham hock in a while I bet it was delish.