Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow and Shows and Summer Plans

Ok, so when I moved to Chicago, I expected snow. I'm not sure I expected 19 inches of it to fall in one day, but that's what happened Sunday. And committed Southern girl that I am, I loved every flake of it!

The snow looks blue because the sun wasn't completely up when I took the photo -
believe me, it's bright, bright white out there!

This was outside my front door yesterday morning as I set out for work. See that third lump from the left? That's my car. I expect to see it again sometime in May, when the thaw comes. Thank goodness I take the train to work!

In other news, I got notification yesterday that I've been accepted into my first Chicago-area show this summer!  It should be fun, but I wonder if there will be cicadas the size of Volkswagons at this show...It will have been about 10 months since my last show when this one happens, so I'll just be happy if I remember how to set up my tent without causing a crisis.  Stay tuned!


Saturday Sequins said...

Oh my gosh... you're in Chicago??? This is awesome. The next time I'm in the area, maybe we could have lunch and go shopping at City Beads.

Alice said...

Wow lots of snow. Growing up we had lots of snow in Kansas but not so much anymore. Usually it turns in to ice.
Good luck with your show!

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Ahhh, Chicago in the winter! I was born there (Forest Park - close enough!) - the Blizzard of 1967 is engraved in my brain forever (I was only 7, but I remember it VIVIDLY)! So glad you are able to travel on the "L" and you do not have to deal with shoveling...yet, anyway!

Congrats on acceptance of your upcoming show - watch out for the cicadas!!!

Christine Altmiller said...

We were in a pretty big snowstorm in Chicago when I was 7 months pregnant...highways closed, tree fell 2 inches from my car, and I swear it is the coldest place I had ever been that February 1998 week. We have it rough here too this winter, but winter in the cities seems especially brutal and annoying to me. The blue hue to the snow in your photo give it such a charming glow :-) What show are you doing? I like to tell my brother when people I know do shows in Chicago. It gives him another show to shop at :-) Enjoy and good luck and Stay Safe and Warm!

Skylar Bre'z said...

Welcome to the midwest! We got 17" in that same storm, up here in MI.