Monday, October 5, 2015

Serious Sparkle, Part 2 - The Earrings

So if you're wearing a fancy evening gown, you need some fancy earrings, right? Of course!

As I wrote about yesterday, we recently had a big formal fundraising event at my job, so may of my colleagues were looking for jewelry to complement their evening wear. You've already seen some of the necklaces and bracelets that I made especially for them to choose from, so as promised, here are a few of the earrings.

Freshwater pearls with some vintage rhinestone and pearl components

Who can resist blue crystal disco balls swinging from their earlobes?

Shoulder dusters

In case your formal tastes run more to the gemstone, these are lapis, forest jasper and freshwater pearl.

These big, bold beauties are vintage marcasite pieces from an old necklace that I found in an antique store.
I took the necklace apart, and used the various component parts in lots of different new creations.
Here, I added just a few crystals at the top and as dangles.


Sarah Sequins said...

Look at all that sparkle! I love the disco balls. Did they get to go to the ball?

Divya N said...

those are super glamorous - I particularly love the Shoulder dusters

anafiassa said...

Shinies! ...You are seriously talented in all that you do, whether it be seedbeadery or crystal laden beauties like these and the pieces you posted previously. Lovely! :)

NUandnu beading fantasy said...

These are all beauties! I admired the lapis and freshwater pearls composition, very elegant and unusual. I am sure, your friends were happy to wear them at the event.
Thank you for sharing them,

AntiquityTravelers said...

well you had me at hello with marcasite! that is probably my all-time favorite (ever) material to work with. lots of fun sparkle going on here! I can just imagine each with a gorgeous dress for the party! hope it was a blast

Kepi said...

A girl after my own heart, all things shiny. Beautiful pieces!