Monday, September 12, 2011

How I Know It's Monday, or Why No One Calls Me Miss Manners

So at work today, I went to a luncheon, represented my employer at a table with colleagues, enjoyed our meal of curried chicken salad and couscous, and listened to a speaker talk about how the experience of a horse sitting on her head led her to completely change her life.
And no, that was not how I knew it was Monday.

The confirmation came when I realized, after driving several of my colleagues back to the office, that the blob I kept noticing in my peripheral vision was not a clump of mascara.

It was a piece of couscous that I had somehow flung into the air while eating, which lodged itself in my eyelashes and lived there for the next two hours. 

Happy Monday!!!


Shirley said...

Oh, that is too funny!!! Glad you survived your monday! :)

KJ said...


I empathize. I seem to always drip on my shirt. Usually that drip is colorful, oily, and large.