Sunday, September 11, 2011

Post-Show Rants and Mahler Symphonies

This weekend I did an art show -- a new show for me.  Lovely weekend, steady crowds, and some truly lovely people who made soul-enriching comments about my work.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth.  You were rays of light throughout the weekend.

Except maybe for the man who was looking to buy a bracelet that he could pass off as his daughter's school assignment to make a "native American inspired piece of jewelry."  Sorry, sir, but just because you're willing to abet your daughter in shirking a homework assignment because you think it's a waste of time, I am not all that eager to help you.  And no, I cannot suggest somewhere else you might be able to find something.

Sorry.  Stepping off the soap box, and putting my rant away.

Though I do I feel sorry for that little girl, and I thank my parents for never letting me resort to the easy way out in school.

Anyway, after two days of standing on the asphalt parking lot the show was held in, my dogs are barkin'.  (Again, for those of you not raised in the South, this one means "my feet are tired and they hurt."  Bless your heart.)

So I've got the dogs elevated, and I'm luxuriating in the Great Performances broadcast of Mahler's Second Symphony with the New York Philharmonic on public television.

Some other day I'll tell the long and involved story of why this work of music, this orchestra, the performance hall, and a live concert broadcast all resonate down to the very deepest parts of my heart and memory.

But for now, I wish for each of you the memory of a people, places, or experiences wonderful enough to make you both weep and laugh for joy just to think of them.  I feel blessed to have memories like these.  Have a wonderful week, y'all.  May it be enriched with special reminiscences and people who bring light to your life.

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