Monday, October 10, 2011

Already Warming Up the Couch and the DVR in Preparation

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Have you heard about the show coming to Lifetime TV next month called Project Accessory?

Now I will admit that I am a sucker for the reality shows that showcase talent and creativity.   

Project Runway old school and new school?  Yep, been watching them make it work since the beginning.  Currently rooting for Anya, and still lusting after this confection Daniel Vosovic made back in season 2 

American Idol and The Sing Off?   Check, and an a capella check.   

So You Think You Can Dance?  Heck yes, particularly because I know I can't, at least not without injuring both my pride and several muscles, and walking like an old man for a few days afterward...

But I'll also admit that I'm curious as to what kind of time constraints they'll put on the contestants for Project Accessory.  It may be tough to sew a straight seam on a garment when you've been working for fourteen hours without a break, but if you're a jeweler trying to solder a join after that long a workday, the danger potential seems to ramp up a wee bit...

Despite that, I'm really eager to see this show, and more than a little frustrated that it's not on my DVR's program guide yet so that I can get it set up.

I know where I'll be at 10pm on November 3 -- how about you?

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