Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wherein I Am Thankful That Fireline is Relatively Affordable

Yesterday was the first Saturday (heck, the first day) in a very long time that I could sit in the bead room and play.  So I thought I'd work on this necklace that's been living on my worktable in various stages of incompletion for a long time.

I have completed this necklace about forty bazillion times in my mind's eye, each time a little differently.

The centerpiece finally came together.  Well, okay, after versions 1 and 2 and maybe 3 -- I kinda lost count) just weren't quite it.  Ripped that baby apart a few times before I was satisfied.

So what to do for the rest?  I had fallen madly in love with the flat spiral when I used it on one of my Bead Swap Blog Hop pieces, so I thought I'd use it here. Then I was worried that I didn't have enough of the faceted firepolished beads to make a long enough necklace, so I added crystals in between sections of spiral.  Yesterday I finally sat down to put it all together.


That is so NOT what it looked like in my mind.  The balance is all off.  The strap is just not proportionally right for the watch faces.  The sparkly wheel I made to use as the clasp is too small.

And to add insult to injury, I can't figure out why the picture is showing sideways instead of upright, but bless its heart, the necklace is bug ugly either direction...

And here, dear reader, is where I would tell you what I actually said, but to spare delicate sensibilities and avoid having my language compared to that of a salty old sailor, I'll sum it up as "well, crap."  Followed by a glass of wine to go with my whining.

I've got another idea percolating, and maybe tomorrow night will bring some play time.  If nothing else, there may be a massive sacrifice of fireline as I weave and rip it back out again...


KJ said...

Actually, it isn't bad. The flat spiral is the right weight/width, but the crystals in between are out of proportion with everything else. The toggle looked good to me.

The centerpiece is stunning.

By the way, the cheapest I have found Fireline is in the fishing department at K-Mart. Isn't it amazing how fast that big spool goes?

Shirley said...

Oh girl, you are crackin' me up! I know when you finally reach your goal, it's going to be gorgeous. I like the flat spiral sections for this piece. sometimes the chain ends up too slender for the focal, but this is great. Can't wait to see the final result. :)

Therese's Treasures said...

Bobbie, I like the necklace, but I agree with KJ the crystals between the spirals could be bigger to make it more proportional. The over all look of the necklace is gorgeous.

Bobbie said...

Thanks for the input, everyone! I think I was just trying to find a way to avoid having to rip the spiral apart to take out the crystals, but it may be inevitable...And KJ, thanks for the recommendation -- KMart is on the errand list now!