Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life Truths, Martha Stewart, and Botswana Agate

There are a few truths in life.  I love my family far more than I have the words to describe.  Creating is a true joy.  Teaching is transcendently fun.  There are few things that chocolate, wine, pecan pie, or a combination thereof cannot make better.

And a domestic life truth?  If my husband and I had people over more regularly, my house would be neat and clean all the time. 

It seems that the best way for me to channel my inner Martha Stewart is the impending shame of letting anyone see that I've let the dust bunnies grow to the size of small ponies.

What inspired me to break out the dust rag and the Swiffer?  Dear friends we haven't seen in years, who visited over the weekend.  This is what four people who have shared two days of great food, good drink, spectacular laughs, and hours of stories look like:

That's me in the purple, and my sweetie on the far right -- isn't he a cutie?

And in the spirit of happy gatherings, here is a pair of earrings that were a product of the day I recently spent in my workroom

Delicious Botswana agate, so gorgeous it makes me swoon, gathered together on sterling silver chain.

And these will be for sale at the Louisville Artisans Guild Holiday Show this weekend -- if you're in town, come on by.  If you let me know in advance that you're coming, I'll even break out the vacuum cleaner!


Shirley said...

Your list just needs a little revision for me, since wine is not my thing, but I definitely agree that chocolate makes things better. Your hubby has the same problem mine does, his chin is whiter than his hair! :) Looks like ya'll had a great time, and you made earrings too!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Bobbie, Isn't great to get together with old friends and share memories. Your hubby looks familiar was he involved with Theater Tuscaloosa also? Those earrings are gorgeous, I love Agate and Jasper those are my two favorites. Best wishes on your up coming show.