Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Queen's Tiara

Finally, after WAY too long, here is something relatively fresh off of the worktable.

This crazy lace agate cabochon has been living in the back of the bead drawer for years.  I love the beautiful colors and whorls of this stone.  The shades of grey and pink are so soft, but the striations make the whole thing graphic.  It looks like a designer topographical map.

I decided to surround the cab with soft pink freshwater pearls, but I wanted to make them a little playful.  So they're standing on end.  One's a little wonky in this photo, but he's since been disciplined back into line.

The final result looks kind of like a tiara of pearls surrounding the cabochon.  Or a starburst.  Or a crown roast (that last one may be because I'm hungry...).

I'm gonna go with the tiara comparison.


Saturday Sequins said...

What a beautiful piece, Bobbie! I love the way the pearls look with the crazy lace agate -- which happens to be one of my favorite stones. :)

Therese's Treasures said...

Your pendant is gorgeous and I agree with Queen's Tiara cause the pearls are the crowning glory to the beautiful stone.

Kristen said...

Yes a perfect name for such a gorgeous piece! Your work is awesome!

Helena said...

That looks awesome! The stone is just amazing and the work around it matches it perfectly!

BackstoryBeads said...

Pink and gray are my favorite color combination this time of year. I can't decide what I love most about this piece - that gorgeous crazy lace agate or the way you worked in those perfect crowning pearls. Either way, you've created a stunner!

Nieves said...

Es precioso!!!!