Sunday, March 25, 2012

Signs of Spring

Most people know Spring is coming because the air gets warmer.  The days get a little longer.  The daffodils, tulip trees and Bradford pears all burst into bloom.

All those are true in Kentucky, too.

But y'all, there is one no-fail, unmistakable, eye-popping sign of the arrival of Spring in my neck of the woods.  It's the annual appearance of Derby hats in the stores.

Just a small section of a local store that sells Derby hats AND has
classes in how to make your own.
Lordy, I am SO tempted!!
I hope that it you click on this photo, you can see it in a larger format.
It's eye candy.  Trust me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Easter hats show up in stores everywhere.  But let's see your Aunt Melba show up at church in this baby without setting some tongues to wagging:

Yes, that price tag reads "$245".  It costs a lot to wrestle the feathers off those birds!
Last year, Derby coincided with the royal wedding of Kate and William.  I did a week's riff on hats then (it started here), and I'm hoping to do something similar this year, perhaps with the twist of a challenge thrown it.

This plan may be scuttled if I get in trouble for taking pictures of hats in the stores.  I caught a little stinkeye from a sales lady in one department store who obviously thought I looked a little suspicious, skulking around with phone in hand.  Perhaps I should talk my daughter into making a trip home soon -- she can model the hats and give me an excuse to have a camera in hand.

Mwahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!  I feel so stealthy!


Therese's Treasures said...

Bobbie, Oh how the women in the south will take any opportunity to be flashy and flamboyant! Those are all beautiful hats.

KJ said...

Great post!

I can't believe there are that many hats.

Skye said...

Bah.. any salesperson who gives you a hard time over taking a picture, just shrug and say "fine. you don't want free publicity on my blog, fine with me..I'll go over to your competitor instead." You can also write your blog addie down and tell her approximately when their store will be 'featured' on your blog lol they'll be inviting you in to take pictures the next time they put up a new display if you do it right ;) lol

Karen Williams said...

What fun! Do you have to go to the Derby to wear your hat, or do women wear the, around town on the appropriate day?