Monday, April 16, 2012

If You Weren't Born In The South, You Can Now Consider Yourself Bilingual

By: Grammerly
(This is going around on various social networks,
but I had to share it!)

I did my grad school internship in New York City. I lived in Milwaukee for five years. If I had had a copy of this then, it would have saved so much time and explanation. I'd have just taped a copy to my forehead. Bless their hearts.

Learn this rule, accept that all iced tea comes sweetened, and understand that for many people all sodas are "Co-Cola", and you'll be fine on your next southern vacation.

Love all y'all!


Lois Moon said...

You said it! --from so far south in Georgia we touch Florida!

KJ said...

I crack up every time I read "bless their hearts" on your blog.

I have lived in the south and I am pleased to report that you can get unsweeted tea now, but of course they will expect you to order the pink, yellow, or blue packets to accompany it.

In Pittsburgh it is all Pop.

CraftyHope said...

All I have to add is. . .YUP! ;)

Karen Williams said...

That is so perfect! I want to repost this to Facebook. The simplest explanation I've ever seen. :).