Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting An Earful

Some days, even the most devoted bead weaver needs a little immediate gratification.  Something that works up fairly quickly.  Something that doesn't require you to put on the stronger glasses and thread that tiny, tiny needle with that tiny, tiny thread.

Lampwork flower discs  by Susan Barnes of Fire Goddess
with some matte crystals on yummy soft leather
So some days, it's time for an earring-making binge.  An earring-palooza.  An earful (sorry, couldn't resist a little pun).

Mother of pearl curls, nestling peridot glass

These are a few pictures from my latest earring extravaganza -- not all that came off the work table that day, but a little sampling.

Jade, rhyolite, and alexandrite faceted glass
The eye beads are fun, but the best part about these are the
vintage buttons that came off of an old sweater
Instant gratification!


Karen Williams said...

Very fun and I know just what you mean!

Kepi said...

Oh I so agree with immediate gratification, your earrings are gorgeous. I love the mother of pearl ones, no wait I love them all.

CraftyHope said...

I love what you've created here but those first one definitely have to be my favorites.

I was just thinking today that I needed an earring-making day. I had no idea anyone else had binges like I do. It's good to know I'm not alone :)

KJ said...

I have a ton of earrings in stock for many of the same reasons. But mostly because they are an inexpensive addition and give everyone an opportunity to make a purchase without having to give it much thought.

I keep meaning to write a post on earring production. Maybe someday soon.

AntiquityTravelers said...

Oh they are all so pretty! But those pearls are stunning ! Just amazing and unique!

Alice said...

Gorgeous earrings!!!! My favorites are the first two.

I love the almost instant gratification of making earrings and sometimes I have to force myself to make bracelets or necklaces.

Christine Altmiller said...

those top 2 photos are fabulous! and the bottom looks like it has great fun swing :-)

BackstoryBeads said...

Love them all, and those little buttons are a great repurpose.