Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hats Off! Challenge Update

If you're looking for my Bead Soup reveal, go here!

Last night was the official kickoff of Derby season around here, with an absolutely enormous air and fireworks show called Thunder Over Louisville.  Officials estimated over half a million people went to the banks of the Ohio River to watch. And the crowd was down this year due to cold weather.  I"ve heard of years when there were up to 800,000 people downtown.

Me?  I stayed home in my nice warm house and watched it on television.  I live close enough to the river that I can hear the percussion of the fireworks - most of the fun, none of the traffic or inebriated festival goers.  My mama didn't raise no dummy.


And it also marks the two-week countdown to the reveal for the Hats Off Challenge!  Below is a list of the participants so far.  If you've signed up, first of all, thanks! Second, please check your link to make sure it actually goes to your blog instead of some horrifying and unexpected site.

Arlene Dean     
Cheryl Dunham 
Christine Altmiller
Cynthia Machata
Deanna Riles-Cox        help! I need a blog address!
Debbie Rasmussen
Dini Bruinsma              help! I need a blog address!
Jasvanti Patel    
Jean Yates        
Karin Slaton      
Laney Mead      
Leah Tees                   help! I need a blog address!
Liz E                
Nan Smith        
Robin Reed       
Sally Russick    
Sea of Dreams  
Susan Nelson Bowie

You'll also see some holes in the information -- if you know any of these folks, please help me fill in the blanks.

And if you want to sign up, please let me know (please, with your blog and email address!)

Giddyup, y'all, it's almost time for the challenge!


KJ said...

Your mama obviously raised a planner. :)

Jean said...

...And a super fun person!
xox jean

Leah Tees said...

Dry Gulch said...

Hello, our blog link is spelled incorrectly so it does not work. For Jennifer LaVite, it should be Thanks for hosting this fun event! Jennifer

Cindy Wilson said...

Could you change "Sea of Dreams" to "Cindy Wilson"? The link works great! Can't wait for the reveal!