Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hats Off Challenge -- Beaders, To Your Gates

Last fall, when visiting old friends in another town, I said, "You should come to Derby some day."

A couple of weeks ago, one of those friends called and said, "So, that invitation to Derby? I'm coming up!"

This inspired several reactions from me:
1) Yay, our friend is coming to visit!
2) Oh, crap, when the heck am I gonna find time to clean this house for house guests?!?
3) Hooray, I get to wear a hat!!!

Now, what you have to understand is that, unless you're willing to sit in the Churchill Downs infield alongside the college kids and the random drunk in a Speedo, you're going to have to invest big money to get tickets to Derby, particularly at this late date.  I mean, mortgage the house - sell a kidney - pawn the children kind of money.

These are scenes from the infield.  Yeah, I'm not gonna be sitting there.
Not being willing to do any of those, we got tickets to the Oaks, the day before Derby -- and hats are just as necessary. 

Kentucky Oaks Pink Out!
The Oaks is a race for fillies, and instead of the Run for the Roses, it's the Run for the Lilies.
This photo shows the parade of survivors before the race,
when breast cancer survivors are honored.

So, the hat that's in the Hats Off Challenge badge?  I'm wearing it to the Oaks. 

Gonna have to balance beading with housecleaning, which is changing my beading plans, but I'm getting ready for the challenge reveal next Saturday.  How are you coming with your challenge?


Kepi said...

Finished my piece, but of course that wasn't enough so on my second so fun!

Liz E said...

Just a little confused why you don't want to sit in the infield. Hahahaha. Just kidding. Anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing everyones hat choices and creations. A special request for our hostess - get a pic of yourself in your hat at the Oaks and post it please! I hope you have a great time with your friends at the race :-)

AntiquityTravelers said...

you're going to have to show off that hat and show us all what you wear!

Christine Altmiller said...

Wow~that is a side of the Derby that never gets promoted. Wish I saw those photos prior to making my Derby pieces. My jewelry would have gone in a whole other direction! Have fun at the Oaks and wear it well!

Karen Williams said...

Yeah, you get to wear a hat! The Oaks sounds like great fun Bobbie. Hope you and your friend have an incredible time!

I'm going to be away from home with no computer access whatsover from this Saturday to next, but I will definitely look forward to seeing all the creations as soon as I get back.