Monday, November 25, 2013

My Personal V8 Moment

You know the classic move in the V8 commercials?  The slap on your forehead that accompanies the great enlightenment and insight?

Yeah, I had one of those this weekend.

During slow moments at the show I was doing, I worked on bezeling a couple of donuts from my stash. Peyote is my usual bezel choice, but this time it felt like time to try a right angle weave bezel.

Yes, most of the seed beading world has done these. Yes, I realize that my insecurities about RAW is irrational, and can only be overcome by working through it.  And yes, I have had many previous escapades with the stitch that ended in bug-ugly projects, inappropriate language being thrown around, and frustration.

And you know what?  This time it came together like magic!  I don't know why.  I can't explain it.  Perhaps it was an early holiday miracle.

So I did two.  The photos aren't great, but here they are...

There's no telling what they'll eventually become part of , but I think the smaller one is going to get some spikes...stay tuned!


AntiquityTravelers said...

ha! I think RAW is the first stitch I learned ... nothing like starting off with the most painful :O

These bezel are absolutely PERFECT! as always, your beadwork is the best. Hope the sales went well at the show!

Christine Altmiller said...

RAW gives me hives. Love the look, just would rather pay someone to make something RAW for me. These turned out great!!! You look like you have been RAW-ing and loving it your whole beady career :-)

BackstoryBeads said...

I love how those gorgeous colors mingle and merge and separate in the smaller donut. Definitely spikes! (The Bead Mavens had a great tutorial on bezeling with RAW last week. I saved it because I've never attempted it either.)

Maryanne said...

I love your bezels and you're not alone in fearing RAW! I've never done a RAW bezel!! But, your's turned out beautifully!

KJ said...

Glad you gave it a second try. RAW is forgiving with regard to sizing so it is good for bezels. It also invites embellishment. You did a great job, I am glad to hear you were not reduced to swearing.

Skylar Bre'z said...

I haven't tried this technique yet as a bezel. Like you, prior attempts at RAW resulted in much inappropriateness (that actually felt appropriate for the resulting level of frustration).

But spikes. Spikes are good.