Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hat Week Day Three - Tuesday Turquoise

Day Three of hat fun!

No great insights today, just a really pretty color combination captured in a fabulous hat spotted at Churchill Downs last year. High fashion, great color sense, and a ready supply of quill pens at the back in case you need to sign an IOU for the amount you lose in Race 3.

These earrings came together as I was putting together a selection of work for a local gallery. I love these colors together, and was thrilled to discover that they were such a good match for this hat.

There are others among us who love hats, and Antiquity Travelers created a Pinterest board last year that features the beautiful, the sculptural, the fantastic, and a few that will make you say, "huh?!???" Lots of loveliness from Audrey Hepburn (style incarnate) and Downton Abbey to feed your hat inspiration need.

Before I leave you today, here's my current favorite crazy hat.  It looks like a pheasant and this woman were travelling in opposite directions at high speed, and the pheasant lost. I crack up at the model's expression of, " Darling, everyone knows bird butt is this season's fashion must-have accessory!".


AntiquityTravelers said...

Loving your hat week posts! these are too fun!! I really love these colors together and what a fun pair of earrings you've made.

I was rolling with your 'bird butt' hat! it does look like that poor bird lost, but she looks just as shocked to have won!

Christine Altmiller said...

Those earrings are a gorgeous likeness of that hat. Turq and red or orange are made for each other!
Feather hat is quite something (as is her expression). I have to show my husband ~ he can be a derby hat designer with all the feathers he has from bird hunting!

Therese's Treasures said...

The first hat is gorgeous I love the colors in it and the design. Your earrings are just as gorgeous and would go with that hat perfectly. Oh my the bird hat is crazy and I love the expression on her face.