Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Surprise Behind The Door

There's a little hole-in-the-wall shop near my office that has an unassuming little sign out front saying, "FABRIC".

I needed a new pair of embroidery scissors for my new soutache adventures (ok, who am I kidding -- any excuse for a new tool!), so I dropped in, hoping to find something.

Behind the unassuming door to the narrow little hole in the wall shop, this is what I saw:

This was half of the store. The other half of the store is REALLY full.  And you should see
the back wall (actually, there's no way to see it -- you just have to assume it's there behind the trims)!

Holy cats, I found fabric heaven.  The whole place was packed - PACKED - with fabric from floor to ceiling, front to back, with only the narrowest of paths between the three towers of bolts of awesomeness. It was amazing!

As in "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe", where the children open the door of a wardrobe and discover a fantastic new world, I felt like I'd fallen into a magical place. It's a good thing I don't sew anymore, because I'd have rented a UHaul and backed it right up to that unassuming little door and cleared the place out.  Some lunch hour soon, I'll be back over there, digging through the stacks in search of the treasures you know must be there.

Oh, and the scissors? Yep, I got some.  They look like a tie dyed rainbow stork, they're just the size I wanted, and they're weird unique enough that no one will walk off with them by mistake!


CraftyHope said...

Whoa boy! I've been in a place like that before. It wasn't as small, but it was as packed. I was always a bit overwhelmed. . .and I don't sew so I didn't know what to do with the place and all its options. I'm glad you found what you were looking for, those sewing scissors are fabulous!

Maryanne said...

Love shops like that! Those sissors are great!

Sarah Sequins said...

Oh my goodness... where is this fabric store??? Mr. Sequin and I would love to go there, and we might be in Chicago in April for a few doll shows. <3

Vogue Fabrics is one we go to. I forget where it is because I'm always spacing out while he drives. There's a rock shop on the same street with some awesome cabs.

Christine Altmiller said...

That pair of scissors is so cool ~ bright and fun! My mom might have to check that place out the next time they are visiting my brother. She quilts more than I bead and is always adding to her fabric stash. It looks like quite the treasure hunt there!

Pam Sears said...

Ours is called F & M Fabrics. Veeerry large store, TONS of fabrics. It's where LOL Sister & I got material for our Sanderson Sisters Halloween costumes. It's also where I get lost in the Sari fabric section. (drool!) I can't always buy fabric, but I prefer F&M to Joanne's or such because, you know, Aladdin's Cave!

BackstoryBeads said...

Wow! This would be like going into the old W.K. Stewart bookstore - maybe even better!

I saw some amaaaazing things being done with soutache when I was in Tucson. Excited to see what you whip up with those scissors!

Skylar Bre'z said...

Oh my goodness! Yes, that truly looks like a corner of heaven. Sigh.

Kepi said...

Oh I'd be in heaven! Love the scissors, right up my alley!

Doug van Dyke said...

Christine's brother and Lakeview denizen here. Who knew? I've been doing leadership coaching with some Columbia College staff so am down here pretty regularly. Definitely bringing our mom next time the folks are in town. I wouldn't even know where to start, but it's right up her alley. Welcome to Chicago!