Sunday, March 15, 2015

Melting Lakes and A New Bracelet

The weather around here has been absolutely glorious for the past few days.  Temperatures warm enough to go out with fewer than ten layers of clothes on. Actual, honest to goodness sunshine. Ground visible where before there were waist-high piles of snow.  Spring is truly on its way.

So I went out for a stroll yesterday down to a little park on Lake Michigan that's near my place. It's always a little colder next to the lake than it is a few blocks away, so there was snow on the sand, and large shards of ice being pushed up to the shoreline by the waves of the thawing lake.

Those are thin sheets of ice, each about the size of a poster board, piling up on the
shoreline as the lake melts
and the waves push the surface ice to land
The sky was blue, the ice on the water was sparkling, and people were enjoying the promise of spring.

A week or so, when the snow was still deep on the ground, I finished this bracelet, and to me it just screams "spring!!!!" It's a pattern that came from just sitting and playing with the beads.  With the recent thaw, it seems right to show it now.

You'll see it's kind of the next step in the patterns I developed here as part of one of the Time To Stitch challenges.  I was having ninety-three kinds of fits trying to figure out an appropriate clasp, but I found the cute little citrine colored mushroom-shaped beads, and ta da!

Here's a little video I shot on my phone at the lake.  Ignore the sounds of the people who were behind me and enjoy the gentle sound of the waves under the surface of the ice, whispering the promise of warmer days. (That is, if the video works -- it's behaving very strangely for me....)


Maryanne said...

I love your bracelet, Bobbie! And the colors are so spring-like and perfect for right now when we all need some spring!

Therese's Treasures said...

That must be really cool to see the ice come up on the shore that way. The bracelet is very pretty. It would be a nice piece to wear for Easter.

BackstoryBeads said...

Great Spring colors, Bobbie. This would be like wrapping your wrist in a garland of freesias, peonies, roses and eucalyptus. A magical combination of muted and sparkly!

Christine Altmiller said...

The video had no sound when I tried it, but seeing water is always a pleasure :-) Glad to hear things are a bit warmer by you! Your bracelet is GORGEOUS! What a patter you came up with! Those two holed beads are not easy to work with but you really made a statement with them. The colors are so Spring...they remind me of Easters of my childhood, when my Gram would put out a bowl or candy coated almonds for us to enjoy. I loved the soft colors and the crunch of that hard shell...kinda like the ice breaking :-)