Monday, January 30, 2017

The Silver Lining To Packing The Bead Room

The hardest part of moving into a new home? (I mean, aside from the whole selling the old place and finding the new place. Or remembering your new address. Or driving home only to find you're in the wrong place....)

If you're a beader, it's got to be the whole process of packing up your bead room.  Dear heavens. Talk about getting slapped in the face with your hoarding tendencies!

But then you get to the new place and discover all the treasures you forgot about, including the UFinished Objects that had been stashed at the bottom of the drawer or in the back of the closet. I found a couple that would work up pretty quickly, so here they are, the first completed UFOs of 2017!

First up, some cabochons that I had glued to backing, in order to embroider the into a pair of earrings. They sat on the backing, unfinished, for an embarrassingly long time. When I finally got back to them, one of the purple glass cabochons had cracked, so a matched pair of earrings were out.

So, with the addition of a nice little jade round, the earring and a half became a pendant.

The second UFO was a red jasper cab that I had prepped as an illustration for a class that I taught. About 15 years ago. Yep. It only had the peyote bezel, with no backing or edging.  With the addition of modest fringe (I am SO not a fringe gal) and a necklace of faceted carnelian, faceted glass, and coconut heishi with an antique brass toggle clasp, she's ready to come out of the drawer.

Do you have any UFOs lurking in your bead room? 


Divya N said...

I have more UFOs than finished pieces at the moment but if you can finish a piece after 15 years, I think I can discipline myself into finishing some of my UFOS

AntiquityTravelers said...

I have so many UFOs I have not idea how to count them all. sigh. I brought a bag (literally) of cabs glued to backing with my on our last vacation so I could put a dent in that stash of UFOs. Nothing finished yet, but at least I managed to bezel a few. Yours is a wonderful solution to a cracked stone! and look at you doing fringe! that is a beauty and will be gorgeous to wear!