Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let's Declare This "Hat Week"!

Beginning yesterday and ending next Saturday, there is an unusual convergence of events that focus on spectacle, and feature hats. Chapeaux. Toppers. Fascinators.

If you, like much of the world, spent part of yesterday watching the coverage of the royal wedding, you saw a pageant of headgear (okay, we'll leave the Beefeaters' hats out of this, because seriously, that's not a fashion statement, it's a lifestyle. And a chiropractor's bill waiting to happen).

We went from chic and colorful...

to creative (and potentially tasty)...

to something that looks like the wearers raided the Star Trek costume vaults...

And one week from today, it's the closest thing to a "hats required" event we have on this side of the Atlantic -- the Kentucky Derby.

Now I never realized how all-consuming the quest for the perfect Derby hat was until I moved to Louisville several years ago. Y'all, I have seen women plow each other down near a hat display. I have seen otherwise stoic women squeal when they've tried on a hat that extends past their shoulders and their imagination. Yes, I have squealed myself.

So in honor of these two bookended hat days, I declare this Hat Week on my blog.

My goal each day will be to find some photos of fabulous hats, and where possible, pair them with my jewelry that go with, or seem inspired by, their fabulousness.

And if you find a great hat, send me a picture. Better yet, go try on some hats and send me a picture of what you find that makes you squeal when you put it on!

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