Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm Armed With Seed Beads and A Needle -- Be Afraid...

It's time for another blog hop!  This time of year is always crazy for me at work, so committing to another deadline was not on my list of things headlined "Smart Things For Bobbie To Do Right Now If She Wants To Retain Any Semblance of Sanity".

But I couldn't resist this one.  Especially since sanity is, if we're honest, only a fond memory right now.

Christine Altmiller and Therese Frank dreamed up a fun idea -- A Time To Stitch, a challenge to create something in peyote or herringbone. 

Yippee! An opportunity for those of us who love the tiny beads to gather with likeminded people (some might call us crazy wackos who invite frustration by playing with miniscule bits o' glass...).  So I dove into the trove of seed bead tubes in my workroom, and grabbed a couple fists full to work with.

The hop is Tuesday (yes, I appreciated the gentle reminder Christine emailed yesterday.  I appreciated it more once I had recovered from my involuntary yelp of panic, but you know...).  Things are progressing pretty well, though nothing is completed yet.

Tonight's plan is to rip out and rethink an unfortunate turn things took during last night's work session.  Seriously, the design I had in my head was gorgeous.  What was at the end of the working thread looked more like the love child of a 50's horror movie nuclear fallout mutant creature and the wierdest sci-fi alien you can imagine. 

Yep, it was ugly.  But where's the fun if nothing challenges you, right?!?


Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Bobbie,
I'm glad that you are excited and working on an awesome piece. I can not wait to see what your mind and hands created.

KJ said...

I love following all the blog hops. I always think they would be fun, then I think about deadlines and decide I better watch from the sidelines. Can't wait to see your new creation.