Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Fun (Non-Beady) Birthday Breakfast

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Yesterday was my birthday.  It wasn't one of the big decade days, but we no longer put one candle per year on a cake, for fear of setting off smoke alarms, having the fire department show up, alarming the neighbors, and then not having enough cake to share with the neighborhood (plus, with all those candles, the cake would be covered in wax, and no one wants that!)

I did do something shameless and begged put out a request for folks on Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Cafe page to like my Beadsong Jewelry facebook page. Shameless, I admit it.  (By the way, if you haven't liked my FB page, maybe you'd consider it....I know, SHAMELESS!!!)

After my shameless plea, sweet husband took me out for a lovely breakfast out at a fun local restaurant known for its kitschy decor (they sponsor an Ugly Lamp Contest each year at the State Fair and put the winners on the restaurant tables) and its ample servings.

Kitschy decor, did you say?  This was how the sugar packets were stored on our table:

I'm not sure what happened to these dogs' bodies, or why it makes sense
for them to be on a piece of toast....
Ample portions, did you say?  These were our breakfasts:

This photo was taken on an angle because I was falling
over at the thought of trying to eat all of this food!
Do you see the size of those biscuits?!  Yes, those are biscuits.  Slabs o' biscuits. My first apartment wasn't that big.  You could slap four radial tires on one of those things and it would still be bigger than my first car.  

No, neither of us cleaned our plates.  But it was an epic start to a lovely day.


AntiquityTravelers said...

oh man! what a meal! I did 'like' your facebook twice, yep twice. Once as me (my name), once as my shop (Antiquity Travelers) .. so you got a bonus :)

BackstoryBeads said...

I'll have to get the name of that restaurant for my next trip back to Louisville! Happy (belated) birthday, and I was glad to give you facebook page another like.

KJ said...

Breakfast out is my favorite.

Happy belated birthday. Have a joyful year.

I am not on FB or I would comply with your request.

Christine Altmiller said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Glad it involved a huge amount of yummy eats :-) I didn't know about your FB page, so I am a new "liker" on FB as myself and also again with my One Kiss Creations Beaded Jewelry page. Hope you have a great week, Bobbie :-D