Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hats Off Challenge - The Reveal

Today's the day - the first Hats Off Challenge, not so coincidentally on the day of the Kentucky Derby.  The idea is to make jewelry inspired by Derby (or Ascot) hats. There are a good number of beaders in the field today, so pull up a comfy seat, mix up a nice mint julep, and enjoy the eye candy!

As hostess of the challenge, I had hoped to make lots of pieces, including some beadwoven pieces.  Yeah, and life intervened.  So my selection is not as extensive nor elaborate as I might have envisioned, and there is no significant weaving involved, but that means that you can move through this post more quickly and go on to enjoy the creations of the other participants.  See?  Silver lining!

First, my "Inspired By Nature" entry, inspired by hats like these:

I made these:
Rose quartz, lucite flower, pewter flower, sterling clasp
(this is more substantial than is apparent here -- the  blue flower is about 2" across)
Millifiore glass with freshwater pearl sticks
 For the "Color, Texture and Shape" inspiration, with hats like this:

and this

I made this:
Glass diamonds, crystal, rhinestone spacers

And this lovely hat

Inspired these (they may be my favorite, I think):

faceted carnelian, crystal, fiber -  I love how the fibers are
reminiscent of the feathers on the hat!

For the "Unconventional Materials" category like this:

I turned a wine cork into a pendant (because, even though it might fit the Kentucky Derby theme, a bourbon bottle is WAY too big to wear as a pendant!)

And finally, for the "Sculptural" inspiration like this:

I broke out the seed beads and a spike bead, which I've been so eager to use, and made this:

I wore the ring to Churchill Downs today, and look what I discovered --

the ring

pardon the lint...
kinda looks like Churchill Downs' iconic Twin Spires!  It was purely subconscious, I swear!

Yep, I got to wear the Challenge Hat and the Spire Ring to Churchill Downs today --
with my handsome sweetie.
Thanks so much for visiting - and be sure to visit the other participants.  My hat's off to them!

Bobbie Rafferty
Jasvanti Patel
Susan Nelson Bowie


Sweet Freedom said...

Those hibiscus hats are insane!!

Love all your pieces, but especially that ring - so creative!

Sea of Dreams said...

Love all your creations! Thanks for putting this all together :)

Laney Izzybeads said...

Beautiful Bobby, I love hats!! Just off to post mine now. Laney x

AntiquityTravelers said...

oh how fun Bobbie! all your pieces are so inspired and you look so happy and lovely with your sweetie!! Hope you enjoyed the day in the fabulous hat! Thank you for hosting such a fun challenge ... I really got into the theme!

Liz E said...

Nothing I've come to like better than early morning quiet, a fresh cup of coffee, and a blog hop - the perfect start to a day. Thank you for being our beautiful hostess and hat model. I must say you look terrific in your hat!

From the rose quarts and lucite flower necklace which is soooo feminine and pretty, to the carnelian earrings which scream fun, fun, fun, your jewelry is GREAT, each and every piece! Your use of the cork was perfect, a wonderful idea.

Linda Y said...

What a fun idea for a challenge - I'm sorry I missed this one. Having been born in Kentucky I have always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby or at least have a party with "hats". You have done both - great fun! I love all of your pieces but I am especially fond of the Carnelian earrings, the millefiore with pearl sticks and the green and clear bracelet - they all are gorgeous it's hard to pick. Beautiful work!

Jean said...

You are fantastic! I was struggling along with one and look what you made! I love every single piece and love reading your thinking process behind what you made! You are FABULOUS! Love your style and my do you and your husband look divine together! WOW!
xox jean

Lola said...

The pieces you made are awesome Bobbie ... each and every one! Thank you so much for hosting this challenge. I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into the Kentucky Derby and all those incredible hats!

Christine Altmiller said...

Bobbie~Thank You for putting together this Hop! You are a great Hostess :-) All your jewelry is beautiful. But a few pieces in particular jumped out at me. Your ring is fantastic and such a happy coincidence and the first necklace with the blue flower is simple but really makes a statement~very lovely! But my favorites are the carnelian earrings with the fiber (and not just b/c i chose the same hat :-) )~fun, colorful, beautiful, flirty! Thanks again Bobbie!

Nan Smith said...

Gorgeous jewelry , Bobbie. Inspired idea to host this much fun! I looove the glass and green bracelet and the carnelian earrings are perfect!Thank you for sharing!

Alicia said...

Oh, wow - such a beautiful idea! Your inspiration hats and your ideas are all gorgeous - and you get to see a real horse race too!! Love it :)

Kepi said...

Wow, what great pieces, they are all derby worthy. I especially love the first necklace with the flower, so elegant. And the orange earrings are beautiful beautiful winners. Your hat with the ring are so beautiful, you looked like a model. Very handsome couple and it looks like you were having such a great time. Thank you, thank you, thank are fabulous!!!

Dini Bruinsma said...

It's a feast♥ for the eye our beautiful jewellery. My absolute favorite is the pair of earrings! And the ring, a gorgeous combination with the hat you're wearing...

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Bobbie,
Beautiful creations from the nature inspired to the whimsical. The ring not only looks like the spires, but it also has the same green as the railings Humm. Thank you for letting me participate in this challenge I look forward to participating in the second round of Hats Off Challenge next year.

Kashmira said...

Wow! Not sure whu you're saying you didn't make enough! Thats a lot of gorgeousness!

My favorite is the first white and blue sweet!

kmorgan said...

What a great idea! You made some beautiful pieces. Sounds like everyone had fun & you two cuties look good together at the races!

KJ said...

What a lovely couple.

Your jewelry matched the hats quite well.

Hope you had fun today at the Derby- I thought of you when I saw it on the TV.

Dry Gulch said...

Thanks Bobbie, for the fun challenge you put together, we really had fun with it. Everything you made is wonderful, love that bracelet with the little green hat, very elegant! And the earrings with the very popular hat, are adorable. You look good in that fantastic green hat, & wearing your ring, love it. Thanks again.

Dolores Raml said...

Love all the pieces you made and you look great in your hat.

BackstoryBeads said...

What a fun challenge this has been for everyone. Just finished hopping the list, and left your post as my final treat. Just love all your pieces, each is inspired, but I would have to choose your cork pendant necklace as my fave - I'm in love with those beautiful, soft color pairings!

Karen Williams said...

Oh Bobbie, what fun! I was so sorry to miss this. You created such a diversity of pieces, from the sheer elegance of your first necklace to the funky fun of your carnelian and fiber earrings.

I especially love the wine cork pendant. We always seem to have a collection of wine corks around the house because my husband thinks they're cool. I may just have to make something with a couple of them for his birthday. Light tassel pull maybe?

And such a great picture of you with your sweetie. Hope you had an amazing day!