Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Clouds, Chills, and Jingly Men -- The Show Season Begins!

If you're looking for the BSBP8 reveal, go here!

This past weekend was my first show of the season. It was the first time I'd done this show, but I'd heard it was a nice one, so I was excited.

I was by myself, so to get my tent up I had to use the "crawl under the frame and push up from the center" technique. Quite effective, actually, unless you're like me and forget to plant your feet firmly on the slick grass.  Yep, I promptly fell right on my butt. But I was under the tent, so no one could see me blush (though they may have heard me laughing at myself).

I was happy to have the tent up and weighted down quickly, though, because all of a sudden the skies turned dark, and the 30% chance of rain became a 100% certainty.

Thankfully, there was no lightning with this storm, because I was
in a metal-framed tent underneath a very tall tree. 
Saturday dawned rain-free and chilly. Silly me, I believed the forecast and left the extra jacket at home. Thank goodness I'm still carrying an extra few pounds of fat insulation, so I was okay, but I did drive the whole way home with the car heater blasting at full force!

My new table covers worked well, but I forgot the curtain rods, so no drapes - oops!
And there's always one oddity at every show. This one didn't have swarms of locusts or torrential storms. This one had jingly men. A group of six men, dressed in what looked like English folk costumes, gathered on the lawn in front of my tent and did an odd combination of dance and whacking at each other with sticks, all while wearing big ol' bands of jingle bells strapped to their knees. While I admire the commitment and bravery it may have taken, I must admit I was relieved that their performance was brief.

Curious? Here they are!

As for the show itself, it was as nice as advertised.  Terrific volunteers supporting the artists, an indoor bathroom for the artists (seriously, that one thing sold me on going back to this show!), and some wonderful art. A couple of weekends off, and I'm on to my next two shows.


Christine Altmiller said...

I love your show posts! You always have great stories...this show, the jingly men are the clear winners. Best of luck with show season, Bobbie!

Liz E said...

Your booth looks inviting, professional and full of the best beaded stuff ever :p

Nan Smith said...

The jingly men are "Morris Dancers", traditional English folk dancers. They show up at every fayre in the U.K. and they do grow on you after a while. It's all part of the ambiance.

KJ said...

The jingly men were Morris Dancers- it is an English folk dancing tradition.

The booth looks good. I hope the show was successful, if chilly. Although I must say I would prefer to shop on a cool day rather than the heat of summer.

I understand completely the draw of toilets that actually flush.

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

Your booth is lovely!

The jingly men -- a happy sign of a great summer to come, dancing (hurrah!) and jingling (pockets full of coins!) from a sensational succession of super successful shows? Ah-ha! More than just Morris men, me predicts ;)

xxoo Rita

AntiquityTravelers said...

ooooh! show season! I look forward to these posts :) can't even imagine trying to put up one of those tents by myself, and sure I'd fall flat LOL