Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hat Week Thursday - Netting

It's Thursday of Hat Week!

Short and sweet today, but it's a classic -- black and white.

Here's a hat I saw in two different stores. Do you think there'd be a fight if two women showed up wearing the same hat?  Probably not, because anyone classy enough to wear this would just channel her inner Audrey Hepburn and sail through.  And if you look carefully, you'll see that it's what is called a "hatinator" -- a combination of a hat with a fascinator. There's a headband to keep it in place so you don't have to glue and/or staple the hat to your head to maintain the jaunty angle.

The interpretation on this one was easy -- a little black and white netted centerpiece with a necklace of faceted Czech glass.  This was so fun that I actually finished it off this morning and wore it to a lunch meeting.

A few more black and white beauties for your day:


Christine Altmiller said...

Your necklace is a beauty. Black and white is always so sharp and classic. Maybe with an exception of that last hat...there is a lot going on there!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Fantastic! love that hatinator! LOL, never heard of that ... but I did wonder how you would keep the angle, and there you have it! Your necklace is perfect with the Audrey look (sigh, you know how I love Audrey and her classic look)