Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Derby Weekend Is Over, and I'm Probably Lucky I Didn't Get Arrested For Stalking Hat Wearers With A Camera

It's been a few days, but I've finally recuperated from Derby weekend -- a day at Churchill Downs on Friday, house guests for the weekend -- apparently I am not the young filly I consider myself to be!

But as promised, here are some hats spotted while I was at the Oaks, the day before Derby. Keep in mind that it was a grey and chilly day, so you'll see lots of folks with sweaters and chill bumps. But we didn't get rained on, so all the hats were out in force. (Photo heavy, so I'll limit my comments to the captions - I know, I know, you'll miss my witty and lengthy insights....)  Do go all the way to the end -- some of the best are there!

This beauty sat next to us.  She was a great example of the pink theme of the day, and the big flowers that seemed
to be prevalent.  Not sure what the gold pacifier-looking thing toward the back is...oh well.
The one one the right was sheer simplicity in a fabulous color.  The orange delight on the left rocked the feathers,
which was another prevalent style theme of the day. They look a little chilly!

This was taken in the paddock (where they parade the horses before each race and the riders mount up.
 Did you hear Dr. J call "Riders Up" for the Derby?  This is where that happens.
And I apologize for the wonky angle -- it was so crowded, I just stuck my phone up over my head
 and snapped pictures, hoping to capture the feel of the area.

Another paddock shot.  I only see one woman in the shot who doesn't have some sort of hat on!
These three were ADORABLE! The could barely make it into their seats, because people(like me)
kept stopping them for pictures.
This was the view from our seats -- we were in the front row, right on the rail. Awesome!

Even in line for the ladies' room, people looked fabulous.  Check the hatinator the middle.

Another hatinator at the ladies' room. It was probably the most fashionable are of the Downs...
I don't know who she is, but she looked great leaving the paddock on the way to watch her horse race.
I'm a sucker for this color.

This was, hands down, my favorite hat of the day. Of the year. Perhaps of the century.
It was a glorious explosion of flowers both on the top and nestled under the side of this hatinator.
 I actually hollered at this young woman to ask if I could take her picture.
Amazing what a couple of mint juleps will help you do...
And me and my sweetie!

Best looking male hat model in the place, celebrating his winnings for the day.


Christine Altmiller said...

Great Hats, all of them! But my favorite photos are the last two. You are beautiful and your husband is quite a handsome fella (and looks good in a hat).

AntiquityTravelers said...

you look like you had a great time! and your necklace does look absolutely perfect with your outfit (along with that burst of color in your feathers :) )

Alice said...

How fun! I would be watching the crowd more than the races. Those hats are amazing!

KJ said...

Thanks for sharing your finds and I was really happy to see you and your sweetie.