Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Daffodils Are Coming!

We had a couple days of beautiful, warm weather, and now it's back to chilly, rainy gray days. You know, normal weather as we move from winter to spring.

But these lovely harbingers of what's to come are in my yard. I'm going to pull out the spring colored beads in my stash and start getting ready for the season just around the corner!


Pretty Things said...

I love any kind of bulb. At my last house, we planted over 700 bulbs, all "timed" to come up at different parts of the spring, so something was always blooming. THIS house, though, is on a postage stamp lawn with horrid soil.

Bobbie said...

Holy cow, holy cow, holy cow, you're my first ever commenter! It's taken me so long to respond, because it never even occurred to me to check that there might be some comments. So thank you!

And these bulbs were surprise gifts from a previous owner of our house. I call our yard a "weed whacker lawn" because it's so small, I could mow it with a string trimmer. Except that the one time I did that, it looked even worse than my bangs did when I was five years old and decided to trim them with safety scissors.

So now, even though it takes me longer to get the mower out than it takes to actually mow the lawn, I use the mower. The neighbors are much happier.