Saturday, March 26, 2011

Silver Linings in a Quiet Show

I'm usually a glass half full, silver linings kinda girl.

So while the first day of this weekend's show was a little slower than all of the artists might have hoped, I figured that tomorrow's bound to be busier. After all, there was a big 10k run this morning in town, and a local college played for the NCAA Division II men's basketball national championship (they won!) There was a little competition for people's attention today.

The folks who did come to the show were lovely, warm, and complimentary (here's hoping I spelled that the way that means "generous with compliments" rather than "free of charge, like a mint on the hotel room pillow"). Sadly, there were not many of them, so it's nice that the ones who were, were so pleasant.

Where's the silver lining? The slow traffic gave me some time throughout the day to finish a bracelet I'd been working on. Better pictures later, but here's a little preview (forgive the poor lighting and the obvious fact that I should have used a little lotion before using my palm as a background...)

Ah, well, here's to huge crowds with bulging wallets and spectacular taste in beaded jewelry tomorrow!

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