Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wherein the Old Dog Learns a New Trick and Links Abound

Okay, y'all can call me pathetic. Go ahead. I've been sitting here slapping myself in the forehead so much that anyone who sees me must think I'm practicing for a V8 commercial.

But I finally figured out how to imbed a link.

If you're from the South, this is where you say, "Bless her heart." If you're not, this is where you say, "What the heck took her so long?!"

What can I tell you? I'm over 30, and everyone who lives in my house under the age of 25 is off at college, so I had to figure this one out myself.

So anyway, there are still a couple chances left to Pay It Forward. Check it out -- leave a comment, and I'll be sending you something handmade fresh from my worktable to your mailbox!

Folks, I'm gonna be a linking MONSTER!

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