Sunday, March 3, 2013

At Least The Decorations Looked Like Beads

If you're looking for my Freeform Peyote Challenge reveal, please go HERE!

They were made for a fundraising event, so there are no calories involved, right?
 Good cause = guilt and  calorie free, right?
We had an Irish-themed event at work yesterday, and I decided to make some food to add to the spread.

This was my first Pinterest-inspired food venture - chocolate covered pretzels, sprinkled with green nonpareils to make them appropriate for St. Patrick's Day.

They were delicious.  Thank goodness other people ate most of them, so I have half a prayer of continuing to fit into my jeans...


Kepi said...

Love chocolate covered pretzels.....yours look very Irish!

Patti Van said...

Oh my...those look scrumptious! And so pretty, too!