Sunday, March 10, 2013

Birthday Dinner and Bead Shopping

It was only after seeing this photo that my husband finally admitted that
he's finally been outgrown.
My baby turned 21 this past week.  (Imagine me, fainting dramatically onto the sofa.)

We drove up to visit him on Friday, to take him out to a proper birthday dinner and celebrate.  Much good food and great conversation ensued.

And then on Saturday, I visited two bead stores in his city that were new to me. Don't worry, sweet husband got to go to a couple of stores that interested him as well.

The haul from store #1 vintage lucite rings, Swarovski cubes, rhinestone chain, wooden discs, dyed jade and a rockin' cool mermaid in carved resin

The mermaid's back
Store #2 yielded some seed beads, which aren't that interesting to look at, so I'll spare you the photo.

So it was the boy's birthday, but we all got some new goodies!


BackstoryBeads said...

Best way to celebrate! And what a fine-looking lad. I will be watching your posts for the next appearance of that mermaid!

Saturday Sequins said...

Happy Birthday to your adorable son!!!

My girl had her birthday yesterday. And by my girl, I mean Barbie, who is a little older than I am. ;)

I'm glad you got to shop for beads! That carved pendant is gorgeous. *Drools.*

Kepi said...

What a fun time, and presents for all....I love the mermaid!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Mine is today ... but sure wish I were Merlin at this point; going the other way. Those are some cute beads - can't wait to see what you do with that cute red one!

Christine Altmiller said...

Happy Birthday to your son!
Cannot wait to see where that mermaid pops up. Once beading takes over, you always know what souvenir shopping you will do while away :-)

Bobbie said...

This is a test comment

Patti Van said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Beautiful beads, too!