Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beach Dreaming and Show Prep

It's raining here.

I mean really raining. Biblical, epic, tie-down-anything-that-might-float-away rain.

So, naturally, I am dreaming of the beach.

I mean, who wouldn't want to be somewhere like this?

Destin. Myrtle Beach. Orange Beach. Gulf Shores. Isle of Palms. Aaah...

Okay, so that's not happening any day soon, so I had to do the next best thing and go play in the bead room to create some sunny, beach vibe.

Here's the result of a little beady, beachy therapy. These great mother of pearl teardrops swing and sway, and the clasp can hook anywhere in the chain, adjusting the length of the necklace from a choker with a long drop to a 22" necklace with just the teardrop cluster as a pendant. I know it'll look great with a cute little sundress, against sun-kissed skin.

I also spent some time working up some fun memory wire bracelets for an upcoming show on Mother's Day weekend. They use up lots of orphan and leftover beads that I won't use anywhere else.

They'll be in a big basket at the front of my booth to be a quick impulse purchase (fingers crossed!!). And they worked up super fast, and who doesn't love a little nearly-instant gratification? All in all, it's been a good weekend. Take that, rainclouds!

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Anonymous said...

Beach, I am in sister....I am 260 miles away from myrtle beach.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I can smell the salt water....
Love your does make me see myself ahhh walking on the sand....