Monday, April 18, 2011

A Million Thanks, Earring Eye Candy, and a Peek at What's Next

For all of those who stopped by during the 7000 Bracelets of Hope Blog Hop and left wonderful, warm comments, a million thanks!!! I am touched, thrilled, and humbled by the kind words. It was an enormous privilege to be included among the beauty created by all the talented bead artists who participated. If you're back again, I hope to see you here regularly!

So what have I been making recently besides a blue bracelet? Here are the earrings I made for Pay It Forward that got sent out last week.

They were fun to make, and I hope they're just as much fun for the recipients to wear!

Now, I off to work on a project that's been taunting me for's just sitting there on my work table, scoffing at my lack of progress. And no, it's not my income taxes. (They're not done, either, but at least the extension got filed in time!) But it is one of those projects that started innocently and has grown into a monster beyond what I had originally planned. Ever have one of those?

Here's a peek:

I'll show you more as I progress -- how's that for self-motivation? Yeah, self-motivation through making yourself reportable to others. Whatever works!!


Shirley said...

Ok, we'll hold you to the progress report! And, yes, I do have a few of those projects hanging around my beading tray. Love the earrings. Drops are my fav. bead at the moment. Great job!

CharmN Jewelry said...

Very very very pretty.The trail of beads look very eye catchy and in fact all color collection could be a very nice thing in the kitty. Charm Bracelets

Anonymous said...

I love your work and I am inspired by all of you that participated in the 7000 bracelets of hope. It has been so inspiring to me. I cant wait to see how your next project plays out!

Pretty Things said...

Those earrings are AWESOME!