Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wherein The Lost Are Found, and I Help My Dentist Make His Next Boat Payment

Yes, I make earrings. Therefore, I have lots of choices when getting dressed and accessorizing.

However, as you probably do, I have a go-to pair that is versatile enough to go with anything and requires very little thought first thing in the morning (usually a valued trait). They're gold-filled square wire, twisted in a freeform improvisational pattern, just different enough to look proudly handcrafted and a little funky. They work with suits, they work with jeans.

Until, that is, they went missing. Did they go on vacation? Did they accidentally get washed with the laundry? I searched the gym bag, every pocket in every jacket and coat I own, and even a couple of my husband's jackets. I was resigned to the fact that they were, in fact, gone.


But yesterday, I moved a book on my dresser, and (insert angelic music here) voila! They had just been playing hide and seek. They had obviously been absorbed in a good book and didn't want to be disturbed. Who could blame them?

So this morning, happy with my newly literate earrings in my lobes, I went off to a dentist appointment. Four hours later (not an exaggeration), I left with a new crown, a couple of freshly replaced fillings, and an inability to feel or open my mouth. Now, while it was probably a relief to many in my life that I couldn't talk as much, it did make eating tricky. This is the sum total of today's nourishment, as seen on my office desk...

Please note that I did manage (okay, it was purely coincidental, but I'm gonna claim that I planned it) to make the fashion forward choice in both the drinking straw and the flowers, both of which are in this season's hottest color, honeysuckle. So I may not be able to sing along with the radio today, but I'm in style, baby!


sundownbeaddesigns said...

I know what you mean, I have a couple go to pair of earrings too. So glad you found yours! They are lovely!

Shirley said...

Ok, I was waiting for you to say that you had a commission to make a pair of earrings for the hygienist after that marathon! I definitely agree on the "go-to" earrings.