Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If It Ain't Baroque....The Earrings of Self-Awareness

Baroque is not the first word I would use to describe myself. Generally, when I think baroque, I think of things that are elegant but ornamented and encrusted with curlicues, frou frous, and geegaws to the point of being overly fussy. Yeah, seriously not me.

However, when putting this post together, I thought I'd go old school and actually look up the definition. Huh. defines "baroque" as "extravagant, complex, or bizarre, especially in ornamentation."

Okay, I admit it, I can tend to be a little extravagant. I flatter myself to think I'm complex (mysterious, fascinating, brilliant, you know, all those femme fatale things - ha!). Many of my friends, and certainly my children, would say I demonstrate more than my share of bizarre now and then.

So, apparently, I am baroque. And so are the stampings I used in these earrings I made and wore to work today.

Fun antiqued stampings with some very baroque curlicues and flourishes, with onyx teardrops dangling underneath. They clock in at about 3" so they are a little bit extravagant, too.

So today, I was stylish, baroque, and newly self-aware. It's AMAZING what jewelry can bring to your life!

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Anonymous said...

Imagine how boring life without jewelry would be!!! You can design your jewelry to fit your mood, like music...
I think these are beautiful... they look elegant...