Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's in Your Purse?

Today, I decided to clean out and change my purse. This is not an activity I undertake frequently or lightly, as the bottom of my purse usually resembles an archeological dig more than a proper lady's accessory.

I totally fail the Proper Southern Lady Handbag test. On an epic scale that would give Scarlett O'Hara the vapors.

Anyway, on today's excavation, even a novice archeologist could have learned that I am a beader. Here's what was left at the bottom when the wallet, cell phone, four dozen pens, three sad lip glosses, and 2,000 crumpled receipts were gone:

Please overlook the crumbs from some long-lost package of saltines I pilfered from a restaurant somewhere along the way. I told you I failed at Proper Southern Lady.

I'm not even entirely sure when or how these treasures got into my purse. But hey, it's beady treasure, so -- woohoo!

1 comment:

Shirley said...

Ok, as someone who has a new purse waiting in the sidelines, I totally cracked up at this post. Sadly, I doubt I will find such wonderful treasures when I switch out to the new purse. But I will hope.... :)