Tuesday, July 17, 2012

...And A Sparkly Clean Smile

Not that I recommend this as a diet aid, but going to the dentist over your lunch break does cut down on the daily caloric intake.  

So if you can't have a good meal, and you're facing some time with other people's fingers in your mouth (ugh, that sounds even worse than the reality....sorry!), what might brighten the day?

Why, some bead embroidered earrings!  I wore these to my dentist appointment yesterday.  The hygienist didn't comment on them, but since she complimented my flossing, I will forgive her.

And even though in this picture they appear to be the
size of a Volkswagon, they are small and delicate.
Crazy lace agate (insert comment about how appropriate it is for me to be associated with anything "crazy") and garnet.  Simple, but fun.  Certainly a whole lot more fun than a trip to the dentist.


Christine Altmiller said...

simple. fun. and SO PRETTY!
love the colors!

BackstoryBeads said...

I love the pink and peachy-apricot tones swirling around the surface of those agates and I like that you paired them with those deep burgundy drops. Hmmm...ripe peaches, sweet apricots, I might just have to go whip up a crumble.