Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do Not Do As I Do

While on vacation this week, it seemed like a good time to catch up on some earring photography.

So you've heard that the best way to shoot jewelry outdoors is on an overcast day?  Well, y'all, the sky went from a lovely overcast to a threatening rumble.  Quickly.

You can't imagine the speed at which I was pulling out earrings, shooting them, and going to the next pair.  I had found a good spot to set up, and by golly, I wasn't going to let a little thunder dissuade me.

Okay, until the lightning started striking.  I had no idea I could still move that fast....

The pictures turned out well, but I wouldn't recommend setting yourself up as a lightning rod to pursue your photographic ideas!


Alice said...

Oh my that must have been frightening! I'm terrified of lightening.

I'm glad you pics came out and that you are safe!

Skye said...

lol sorry... now I've got this image of you snatching up things and putting them away and setting new ups up all at super speed, while occasionally letting out a little squeak or yelp at a loud boom over head >.< lol I do my outdoor jewelry photography on my porch. The one time I ventured into the back yard, I found a spot and set everything up at once, then just kept moving down the line to take pictures... doesn't work now with new props and backgrounds lol

KJ said...

I love reading your blog- you always at least make me smile. Good to know you can still scamper.

Karen Williams said...

Bobbie, the Human Lightening Rod. Nope, doesn't have a good ring to it!

But since you took them, when do we get to see the pictures of your earrings?

And hope you had a great vacation!