Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tilas and Twins and Thursdays - Oh, My!

What do you get when you give a beader some new (to her) styles of beads and sequester her in the woods for a week?

Yeah, yeah, it sounds like the setup for a bad joke.

Somewhat like last summer's muffin tin challenge, before a week's vacation in the mountains, I packed a limited selection of beads, pushing myself to find different ways to use the same basic materials.  On Thursday of the week, I played with tilas and twin beads, and came up with several different things that made me happy, but the final product that I'm most pleased with is this bracelet:

The clasp was a particular challenge -- I could have made the toggle out of bronze seed beads, but hadn't packed enough (insert favorite mild oath here), so I did a "what if" with the twin beads, which seems to have worked out okay.

So what did you last create out of materials that were new to you?


AntiquityTravelers said...

This bracelet is awesome! I love the pattern and those beads are seriously cool. I like that you did the toggle in the other color - it makes the toggle more of a focal point.

Christine Altmiller said...

Love Love Love!!!
I am tila challenged. But you knew what to do! It looks like it has nice movement and draping. The toggle bar is too cool! I like the two hole beads. I am working with them a lot and wish I bought more than I did (and less tilas...i need to make my peace with them or pass them on to someone who can make them shine!)

Bobbie said...

Christine, thanks! The best thing about this whole blogging concept is that you don't have to share pictures of the horrible failed experiments! Let's just say that it's a good thing there were no impressionable young children within earshot when I was figuring out this bracelet -- they'd have been psychologically scarred forever....

I'm still not sure tilas will be my favorite thing (they're flipping expensive!), and the idea of doing some of the tila patterns I've seen in Bead & Button makes my brain cramp, but I was fairly conservative in the quantity I purchased. For once.

Now I need to go back to your blog and see what you've done with the tilas!