Monday, July 23, 2012

Blinded By The Sparkle

Ever walk by a store window and see something that makes you think, "I'm not sure where I'll wear that, but I have to have it"?

Juls was having a moving sale recently, and as I browsed the offerings, this lot caught my eye.

Now, I'm not a huge sparkly, sparkly girl.  While I love a good Swarovski, it's not a look I can rock every day, or in great quantity.  So I love these, but they also terrify me.

You wouldn't believe the rainbows that are thrown off of these beads when they're grouped together like this.  In fact, I was a little worried that the sparkle coming off of them was going to blind pilots passing overhead while I took the photo.  I'm gonna have to wear sunglasses when I work with these!

And for something completely different, here's an extra surprise that Juls (that sweetheart) included as an (unnecessary) apology for a little shipping snafu.  Yay!


Alice said...

I love the Swarovski Crystals too, but use them sparingly. They do look lovely all together!

KJ said...

I really like crystals but I try to stay away from. My Mom insists crystals are for evening wear. I think that is a sentiment shared by many, not necessarily me. However, I so think they can sometimes be a bit dressy to wear to the office. Plus I just like natural stones and the colors available in glass rounds.

Saturday Sequins said...

I'm all about the sparkle, however, I've also noticed that when they're used sparingly and paired with plainer, or matte, beads, Swarovski beads stand out without being too overwhelming.

Beautiful choices, Bobbie! <3