Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tilas Times Two (Say That A Few Times Fast!)

More results from my experiments with tila beads, again in bracelets.

This first one came from playing with creating the diamond shape.  I only had enough of the tiny crystals to make the section you see, which was too short to make a bracelet for anyone over the age of ten.  In another testament to the value of hoarding collecting beads, I found some larger firepolished beads that matched, to make it just long enough.  They really are the same color, but they have a slight AB finish, so it throws off the appearance in the photo.

The clasp is the first time I've fabricated a toggle, but it turned out better than it had any right to.

The second bracelet was a continuation of the courtship of the tila and the twin hole beads. 

I just noticed the honking long piece of fireline that's hanging out on one edge when I was uploading the pictures.  Dammit.  Time to get a stronger pair of reading glasses if I couldn't see that thing waving around without blowing it up to super size on the computer screen!


KJ said...

I don't notice things until I take the pictures too.

The bracelets are nicely shaped.

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Bobbie,
Those are two beautiful bracelets. I know what you mean about the glasses I have 250's that I wear when I bead.
The thread thing happens to all of us that bead weave.

Karen Williams said...

I really like the first bracelet! I purchased some tila bands a while back, but haven't pulled them out to play yet.

I smiled a little about your problems with the photos because I so know what you mean. It can be so frustrating sometimes!

You make me want to pull out my tilas,

Christine Altmiller said...

great tila and toggle work! i had to go back and take a second look at the toggle because i thought i was manufactured at first. i am really impressed, as i am wire challenged! that top tila is beautiful! my finishing flaws and dog hair shows up in my photos too!