Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011, everyone! Rather than making any resolutions (which I realized, years ago, are only slightly more productive than repeatedly banging your head against a brick wall), I've been spending the past few days lining things up to try to be more productive my jewelry-related life this year.

So I inventoried new bead purchases made over the holiday, prepared an application for an exhibition, made vague attempts to clean my beading table (attempts that usually just got short-circuited by working on putting together new pieces, which is more fun anyway), tweaked the website, and played around with my camera. One of my greatest frustrations has been a lack of a permanently set up space to photograph my work. The result has been haphazard quality photographs, at least when I found enough time to fuss with setting up and remembering how to use the camera...

But I think I may have found a solution that, even though I can't leave it set up all the time, is at least easy and reliable enough to do quickly. Hooray!

Here's picture of a recently completed bead embroidery piece that will eventually be the centerpiece of a necklace. It'll have to live with me for a while before I figure out how best to finish it.