Saturday, December 13, 2014

The "Whoops!" Challenge Reveal

Have you ever ordered something online (or, gasp, horror, from late night tv shopping channels), only to discover, when you rip open the package with wild enthusiasm, that it's not quite what you had envisioned? 

Kind of what I imagine online dating might be like...

Cynthia Machata, the glorious woman behind the creations at Antiquity Travelers, had one of those "whoops!" moments when she ordered some glass pearls from  When she expected to get some dainty grey beads, she ended up with some bodacious, bold 16mm beauties.  And a conundrum as to how to use them.

So she invited some friends to figure out what to do with these big balls. What does one do with Big Balls? (Now there's a sentence I never imagined I'd write!!) They brought to mind several ideas, which I had to pare down to be able to accomplish them amid the complete lack of free time that my new job leaves.  But I hope I've turned "Whoops!" into "Wow!"

First up, Big Balls become Beach Balls, when you add some equally bodaciously-sized shell beads.

These are wonderfully light beads, with the clasp in front for added fun. It may not be completely visible in the photo, but there's a lovely grey swirl throughout the shell beads that the pearls pick up beautifully. While I may be a beadweaver, I also apparently enjoy rocking some big beads, since these 20mm shell beads came from my stash...

Then, as anyone who came of age in the late 70s might do, I thought of Disco Balls!  So I added some woven beaded beads (made with crystals I had previously gotten from to channel the glam.  

The sparkle is fairly subdued, balancing the size and subtle glow of the glass pearls, on a delicate sterling chain.  I don't go to the disco anymore, but work often calls for me to be in evening dress, so this necklace is probably going to get worn A LOT.

Thanks a million to Cynthia for the chance to play with these, and for the push to get back to beading and blogging. Go see what wonderful things these other folks have created with these Big Balls -- I know they'll make them from "Whoops" to "Wow!"

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Wooden Wheel, A 60's Hit, and A Life Change

"What goes up, must come down.
Spinnin' wheel, got to go round.
Talk about your troubles, it's a crying sin
Ride a painted pony, let the spinnin' wheel spin...."

Some times life feels like you're strapped to a wheel that's turning in directions that you have little or no control over. All you can do is hang on for dear life and try to make sure that the wheel carries you along, rather than spinning you off or, even worse, runs you right over as it goes down the ro

For over a year. that's been me. I was between jobs, and the search for a new position was extraordinarily frustrating, taking regular smacks at my self-esteem and confidence. I tried hard not to let it affect how I acted in daily life, but it did affect the enthusiasm with which I tackled things like my beading, blogging, and general online friendship maintenance.

"You got no money, you got no home,
Spinning wheel, all alone,
Talking 'bout your troubles and you never learn,
Ride a painted pony, let the spinnin' wheel turn"

But I recently got a job.  A dream job. I am thrilled! The only hitch is that it will require my husband and me to live a commuter marriage for a couple of years until he retires.  But the new job is in Chicago, which is one of those places we always thought would be a fabulous place to retire to. So I finally feel like I've gotten a little more control over the wheel of life, but in the meantime, I've had to find an apartment, figure out what needs to move up with me, and do all the things that come with relocating.

In fact, as you read this, I will be in my new apartment, hopefully directing the movers on where to put all the boxes of beads I packed!

"Did you find the directing sign
On the straight and narrow highway
Would you mind a reflecting sign
Just let it shine within your mind
And show you all the colors that are real"

When Janet invited me to be one of a group of people to create something with some little wooden wagon wheels she had found, I was happy to have the challenge.  My first thought was that it was perfect for a color wheel. And that's about as far as it went for a couple of months. But it's amazing how motivating it can be to have to pack all of your beads up for moving -- I sat right down and figured out how to turn my wagon wheel into a color wheel, first painting the wheel black and then using flat circular peyote stitch that I anchored to the spokes with whipstitch now and then.

It's not a masterpiece, by any means, but it is a talisman for me -- just like there are infinite shades of colors, there are infinite possibilities in life. Sometimes it just takes the wheel a little longer than you would like to slow down enough, in the words of Blood Sweat and Tears, to show you "all the colors that are real."
"Someone's waiting just for you.
Spinnin' wheel, spinning true,
Drop all your troubles by the riverside,
Catch a painted pony on the spinning wheel ride"

So, a little more melodramatic than most of my posts, but I'm hoping that this wheel helps me turn the corner (see what I did there?) into being more active on my blog, more regular in reading your posts, and altogether more like myself! (Oh, and credit to Blood Sweat and Tears, whose song I've shamelessly used here.)

Here are the others turning wheels into something fantastic -- go visit and enjoy!

Beadsong Jewelry:
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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Anchors Aweigh - The Reveal

The lovely and wonderfully talented Rita of Toltec Jewels came up with a great opportunity to showcase the talents of artist Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio, challenging a group of us to create jewelry based on her adorable anchor beads.  Cute, cute, cute!

(Caution - bad nautical themed puns may follow.  I apologize in advance.)

Several ideas came, and mercifully sank into the depths of oblivion before they could catch wind and sail too far. But then freeform peyote came to my rescue and gave me a way to add the flavor of waves and water, with lots of oceanic shades of blue ranging from deepest blue to the white/blue of sea froth.

It occurred to me today that the earrings are a good metaphor for the past three months. Lots of things in my life have kind of been at loose ends, drifting as if at sea (if you want to torture the comparison.) With uncertainty on lots of fronts, life has been a bit freeform, turning in unexpected directions and certainly not symmetrical or predictable.

As soon as I finished the earrings, one of major uncertainties in my life was resolved. So I'm going to look at these earrings as a talisman for smoother sailing and calmer seas ahead.

Thanks to Rita for setting up a fun challenge, and thanks to Diana for her artistry, which was a great source of inspiration.  Please sit right back and take a (three hour?!?) cruise through the rest of the creations made by the other participants.  Bon voyage!

Featured & Honored Artist:           Diana Ptaszynski
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Adventures In Patinas

Do you work with patinas on your metals?  I make all of my clasps from sterling, gold filled, and copper wire, but I've never really explored putting a patina on them. 

Then I read a really cool tip from Rena Klingenberg on how to oxidize metals using hard boiled eggs. And I decided to play.

I started out with shiny copper wire, and boiled up a couple of eggs. When the eggs were ready, I put a coil of wire, a copper clasp, and the eggs into a zip lock bag, and smooshed (a highly technical term) the eggs, shell and all, into a big gooey mess.

Then I waited about 20 minutes.  And this is what I got!

I need to polish them up a bit, but this is what they looked like straight out of the bag. I was so excited about the possibilities, I threw some more wire and a toggle in the bag, wanting to see what happened if I left it over night.

Sadly, when I opened the ziplock the first time, I must have let out enough of the sulfur gas to make further oxidation impossible. So after an overnight egg bath, this is all that happened.

Lessons learned? First, if you're going to do this, pull together all the metal you want to oxide to do in one batch, because the magic doesn't happen with leftovers.  Second, my husband is a wonderful, patient man who's gotten used enough to my weirdness that instead of calling the folks from the loony bin, he just said, "why is there a bag of smashed eggs and wire on the kitchen counter?" as though it were a normal thing.

I've also read about using a salt/vinegar mix to patinate copper, too. That may be the next mad scientist experiment!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Freight Trains, Gas Leaks, Wearing Tablecloths -- Must Be Show Season!

Egads. I have been out of the loop on blogging recently (family stuff that's kept me far away from the computer, but that's beside the point). The upshot is that I did two shows last month that generated plenty of stories, but I have been remiss in sharing them here.

The first show was in the downtown of a small town east of Louisville. It was my first time doing this show, and I had heard good things from artist friends. Most of the show was set up in the park, but I was on the street next to the park. We really were in the heart of the town, and every few hours, a freight train would rumble through, half a block from my booth.
Yep, that's the 12:07 freight  from Louisville...

Running concurrently with the art show, and just a block away, was the town's colonial heritage days celebration. There were numerous people in colonial costume walking around to publicize the event, and even a few stilt walkers and giant puppets.  Gotta say, I think the stilt walker was cute, but the giant puppets were vaguely terrifying -- I imagine they provided traumas that many children in attendance that day will be dealing with in therapy sessions when they grow up.

What the colonial heritage people didn't warn us about were the colonial cannons, which were shot off several times a day, at unexpected moments and on no apparent schedule. Dear lord, they were loud, and boy howdy, did they startle the bejeebus out of people walking down the street!  But every time they shot off, I thought, "another story for the blog, people.  It's another story for the blog!"

Saturday's weather was hot. HOT. So did I check the weather forecast for Sunday? Of course not. I dressed for hot weather.  (You know where this is going, right?)  Yep, it was 50 degrees and cloudy all day. I was wearing shorts and sleeveless blouse. Thank goodness I had a table cover that I'd used for a Christmas show among my setup stuff, so I spent the day wrapped in a red tablecloth. I may have looked ridiculous, but I was warm! (And no, there is no photographic evidence of my poor fashion choice.)

Solid Table Cloths
Imagine this in Christmas red. That was my wrap all day Sunday. Classy, huh?

The next weekend (after carefully checking out the weather forecast for both days!), I did a lovely small show just north of town. When I went to set up on Friday, there was a distinct aroma of natural gas in the show area. Turns out that the guys who were setting up the music tent accidentally hit an underground gas pipe when they were hammering in the anchor spikes, and the utility guys were scrambling all over the place to fix it.

Fortunately, the leak was fixed, the show went off without a hitch, and it was a beautiful weekend. I'd been playing with my booth setup for a while, and this was what happened:

If you do shows, you know that the perfect booth is a constantly moving target, but I was pleased with this. A few tweaks on the to-do list, but not bad.

No real "oh my gosh" moments from this show (other than being relieved that there was no way anyone could blame me for the gassy smell), but there were two things that saved my life.  First was the fabulous food truck down the street, where I found this delicious ham, chevre, and red pepper aoli crepe (yes, from a food truck, and every bit as tasty as it sounds!!). 

Second was my little fan, which kept the air moving around inside my tent just enough to keep me from melting when the sun was high and the breeze was low.  Sometimes it's the littlest things that make the biggest difference!

No more shows for a month, so I have a great excuse to hole up in the bead room and make stuff!  Have you been to any great art shows this summer?

Friday, July 4, 2014

Creative Spark Summer 2014 Reveal

My beads for the Summer Days and Nights ZNet Shows design challenge. Aren't they yummy?
I am so thrilled to be on the design team for ZNet Shows! They have the most delicious cultured sea glass, crystals, and other fun things that are perfect to create your own gorgeous creations.

Several times each year, we are challenged to create pieces from ZNet pieces that are sent to us, sight unseen. This time, the challenge was to create daytime casual looks AND dressier night time looks, both featuring the cultured sea glass.  Here's the link to Creative Spark, the online magazine of all of the designers' creations.  But if you're interested in the thought process (yes, there actually was one!) behind my pieces, read on.

I know the selections were sent at random, but I would almost think some good elf was sitting on the shelf when the packets were doled out, because I am an incurable sucker for this spectacular shade of teal/ocean blue, and the soft lavender reminds me of the inside of a seashell that you might find on a sunset stroll down the beach. I opened the package and made very happy sounds. "Squee" was likely uttered.

I wanted my designs to relate to each other somehow, and decided that the necklaces would involve chain, and the earrings would have some movement.

The cultured sea glass shapes are strung on leather, with ZNet Show chain leftover from another design challenge. I made the toggle from one of the dumbbell shaped beads, which inspired the bracelet:

You can see more clearly here how I used the dumbbell as a toggle.  Even though it's drilled end-to-end, the shape allowed me to tie the leather securely around the middle for a lasting connector. Now if only my torso was shaped like this bead...ah well!

The adorable starfish beads screamed to be the focus of the earrings, and the lentils dangling from the leather provided the casual, swinging mood I was looking for. These got worn the day they were made. Like I said, I am a completely sucker for this color.

Now for the dressier pieces.  First up, the necklace, again with cultured sea glass and chain, this time sterling silver chain from my own stash.

This shade of blue is a little lighter, a little more subtle, and a perfect foil for the delicate purple. I can see this necklace being worn to a romantic picnic on the beachfront or to a candlelit dinner overlooking a beautiful mountain vista (two of my favorite summer destinations -- not that I'm channeling my own vacation wishes here or anything...)

For the bracelet, I used the lovely lavender barrels in a matte finish. This was my opportunity to try making a chain, so what you see is completely fabricated from 18-gauge sterling wire. It is really slinky and sensuous on the arm.

Finally, the earrings.  They're pretty simple, but since there's a fair amount going on with the necklace, I thought simple would be good.  Plus, both beads are suspended from the same headpin, so they swing gently and independently as you move.

 Thanks to ZNet for the opportunity to create with such lovely materials. And thanks to Hope Smitherman for editing Creative Spark and for so kindly nudging each of us to remember the deadlines. Please go check out the online zine, and check out the individual blogs of each of the design team, where they'll give you a more in depth peek into their creative process.  Here they are:

Amy Severino
BobbieRafferty (you're here!)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Breaking From Tradition - Some Previously Revealed, And Something New

I want a tutu.  And some kick ass boots like these girls.
That beady superhero, Cynthia Machata, sent a group of her friends some really cool howlite spikes and said, "Go forth, and play!"  

These were bold gemstones. Large, double holed, and gently squared off.  Below is a pair of the black spikes, although I got a mix of black and white spikes. 

They were far too funky to make something safe and predictable. So I pulled out my funky alter ego (currently taking suggestions as to what my alter ego's name should be...) and went at it. 

I revealed the first thing I made a while back.  If you want to read the whole post, here's the link, but here are a couple of pictures:

This necklace went to a gallery, where the owner asked that question: "Do you have earrings to go with this?"  Well, no, but give me 24 hours, and I whipped up some options (along with the blog post about it):

The gallery took the black pair.  The white pair has been among my inventory at my recent art shows, where people have thought they look like chickens, faces, and Madonna's 1980's bra.  The imagination of art show patrons never ceases to amaze me!

Anyway, that left me with two black spikes.  I thought about doing a quick peyote bezel around them to make earrings, but instead decided to join them with a square stitch belt.

It's a deceptively simple pendant that could go on a leather strand (appropriate for its punky nature), a black cable wire, or a beadwoven necklace (tubular herringbone, perhaps?) Deceptively simple because those suckers got a little squirrely and squirmy when I was trying to weave them together and weave the thread through the holes to keep everything firmly anchored.  Anyway, I love the illusion that I've embellished a larger double-pointed bead, rather than creating it from two separate spikes.

A million thanks, and a million and one hugs to Cynthia for the inspirational fun!  Wanna see who else played along, and what they created?  Here's the list!

Therese (Therese's Treasures)
Bobbie (Beadsong Jewelry)
Christine (One Kiss Creations)
Janet (Honey from the Bee)
Cynthia (Antiquity Travelers)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Triple The Fun - A Time To Stitch Challenge Reveal

Therese and Christine have done it again! This time, a challenge to take a basic bracelet pattern and switch it up for three variations, changing base color, bead size, etc.

I took my jumping off point from one of the pieces I made for the latest Bead Soup Challenge, specifically the lower section of the neck strand of this necklace:

Essentially, it's a herringbone with twin beads, embellished on the side with Czech bricks and triangle beads. Although I doubt I invented it, it was a stitch I developed during the BSBP process, and I was really happy to have an excuse to explore it some more.

Thing is, I didn't have any more bricks (kind of a tila chopped in half) in my stash. (Note to self #1, put bricks on the beady shopping list).  So I chose to use tilas, thinking the translation would be easy.

Not so.  The size was just off enough to make it weird.  Some things I tried were way of in proportion and just flopped around like a beached fish.  Others were just ugly.  So, in the spirit of challenge, I punted (friends, this is the closest I will ever, EVER get to performing a football-related action, aside from those associated with being a rabid spectator).

Here's variation number one: herringbone center with twin beads, edged with tilas and daggers.  I love it.

Variation number two, this time with the tilas turned 90 degrees from the first bracelet, and with drops added, mainly because I didn't have enough of those fabulous red polka dot daggers to do the whole length. (Note to self #2: add sexy red polka dot daggers to beady shopping list, too).  I love this one, too, although it's a little more cha-cha flashy than the first.  It would be perfect to wear to an Alabama football game...

Variation #3 is the most buttoned down, but it's still blingy with the silver twins -- this time a herringbone with twins, tilas, and narrow daggers. While I fabricated the clasps on all three, this is the only one that I made a beaded toggle clasp for.  I wore this one at an art show today, and I can testify that it feels slinky and grand.

All three together, progressing in order of creation from bottom to top:

Thanks, Therese and Christine, for pushing my creativity once again!  Here's the list of everyone participating.


Bobbie  (you are here)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Clouds, Chills, and Jingly Men -- The Show Season Begins!

If you're looking for the BSBP8 reveal, go here!

This past weekend was my first show of the season. It was the first time I'd done this show, but I'd heard it was a nice one, so I was excited.

I was by myself, so to get my tent up I had to use the "crawl under the frame and push up from the center" technique. Quite effective, actually, unless you're like me and forget to plant your feet firmly on the slick grass.  Yep, I promptly fell right on my butt. But I was under the tent, so no one could see me blush (though they may have heard me laughing at myself).

I was happy to have the tent up and weighted down quickly, though, because all of a sudden the skies turned dark, and the 30% chance of rain became a 100% certainty.

Thankfully, there was no lightning with this storm, because I was
in a metal-framed tent underneath a very tall tree. 
Saturday dawned rain-free and chilly. Silly me, I believed the forecast and left the extra jacket at home. Thank goodness I'm still carrying an extra few pounds of fat insulation, so I was okay, but I did drive the whole way home with the car heater blasting at full force!

My new table covers worked well, but I forgot the curtain rods, so no drapes - oops!
And there's always one oddity at every show. This one didn't have swarms of locusts or torrential storms. This one had jingly men. A group of six men, dressed in what looked like English folk costumes, gathered on the lawn in front of my tent and did an odd combination of dance and whacking at each other with sticks, all while wearing big ol' bands of jingle bells strapped to their knees. While I admire the commitment and bravery it may have taken, I must admit I was relieved that their performance was brief.

Curious? Here they are!

As for the show itself, it was as nice as advertised.  Terrific volunteers supporting the artists, an indoor bathroom for the artists (seriously, that one thing sold me on going back to this show!), and some wonderful art. A couple of weekends off, and I'm on to my next two shows.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Time For Soup!

Aaah, soup! There's nothing quite as comforting or delicious. Or, if it's Bead Soup, more fun to make jewelry with...And when you have a partner who's incredibly generous, you can have a full smorgasbord of soup -- eleven courses, with leftovers!

** Giveaway alert (okay, blatant ploy for comments and followers) -- read all the way to the 
bottom of this post, and you can find out how to get one of these courses for your very own!**

My lovely partner, Rita of Toltec Jewels, spoiled me rotten with gorgeous artisan beads and gemstones. Yes, I hit the jackpot, and I realize how lucky I am. Just to remind you, here is the soup I got.

Yes, I fell over in a full-on swoon.

Some pieces came together immediately, as I was opening the packages.  Others revealed themselves more slowly. But since I know you have another 499 blogs to look at as part of BSBP8, let's get to the goodies, shall we?

This, one, I must say, is my favorite of the bunch. Rita was great to include a cabochon, since she knows I do a lot of beadweaving. This beautiful cab from BeadFreaky was the perfect centerpiece, and I surrounded her with blue freshwater pearls, and an embellished herringbone rope of the twins, rollos, and brick beads Rita had sent.

The other piece that has some beadweaving in it also uses a focal with a dramatic backstory -- as Rita was wrapping this lovely lampwork cylinder from Maryse, the bead took a spectacular swan dive to Rita's floor and broke in half. Maryse made another in the same colorway and sent it directly from her shop in Europe (extra kisses to her!). There are all kinds of lovely shades of pink in the focal, and I tried to highlight them with the garnets in the tassel, the rose quartz and garnet in the spiral rope on the shorter strand, the beautiful freshwater pearls in the longer strand, and the truly lovely sterling/garnet two-strand clasp.

Back to the blue soup -- this time with a necklace that practically built itself as it came out of the package. The lovely ceramic nest focal from Blu Mudd was a natural match with the fantastic organic feeling ceramic blue/brown beads and leaf from Thea Elements. Added to that are blue flower buttons, blue Czech whirligigs (they remind me of the seed pods that are dropping like helicopters from the maple trees all over my neighborhood), a patinaed toggle clasp, and a cute little frog that hopped out of my stash, all on a macrame woven waxed linen cord.

Another pink necklace, this time with a focal that Rita ordered and sent as a backup for the broken Maryse focal. This one reminded me of a rosy sunset, and I was happy to pick up those colors with the extra fun purple Czech glass mushrooms that nestle together so beautifully, other pink Czech glass, a very special brass bird from Leslie Watt, and a clasp that Rita made herself with a lampwork bead from SueBeads. The asymmetry allowed me to show off all of the gorgeousness at once.

This piece of spring features another lampwork cylinder from Maryse, suspended on a lampwork leaf headpin. The necklace picks up the gorgeous spring shades of blue in the blue topaz, variegated quartz, and blue freshwater pearls, with pops from pewter discs and freshwater stick pearls.

And now for some glitz! Look at these spectacular, sparkletacular Slovakian glass faceted six-sided beauties! I paired them with garnet leaves, crystal, Czech glass, Swarovski elements bead caps, and a luxurious vermeil clasp with crystals. It truly is so sparkly, you may need to wear shades.  Here's a closeup of the clasp and the bead caps -- they are too pretty not to see clearly.

These beautiful freshwater pearls look like the deep blue I imagine the Aegean Sea to be.  What better beads to pair them with than the rich, lustrous 24k gold dipped Naas ceramics? The recycled sari silk was from my stash, where it had been waiting for a beautiful oceanic setting to come along.

More sari silk here, this time with a Czech glass, pewter discs, and a focal with crystal in pewter. Using fiber in my work is something I don't necessarily feel comfortable with, but I think this turned out pretty well.  I did give it a test wearing one day, so I can attest that it's very comfortable!

Another beautiful pendant with crystals, this time in a lovely blue that matched faceted bicones that Rita had included in her copious soup mix.  Ooh, elegant sparkle!

And finally, some earrings.  First, enameled rings with carved amethysts underneath.  Then, enameled flowers from Sue Beads, lampwork headpins from Southern Girl Designs, and Bali sterling beads.  I was a little worried about the patina on the headpin metal, but I kind of like the mix of rustic and shiny.

Phew! You made it! If you look back at the photos of the soup, you'll see that there's still plenty leftover for me to continue to work with.  I can't wait to get back into it...after I visit the other participants in the BSBP8 for abundant inspiration.  Thank you, Lori, for hosting this fabulous party, especially this year.  And thank you, thank you, thank you, Rita, for being such a fantastic partner and fun new friend!

Here's the payoff for reading this far -- if you leave a comment, you'll get a chance to win your choice of the two pairs of earrings from this challenge.  If you become a new follower of my blog AND leave me a comment, you'll get an additional chance to win. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Here are the rest of the fabulous participants in the hop -- see you there!

Lori Anderson, Hostess

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Audrey Belanger                        
Candida Castleberry                  

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Carolyn Chenault                        
Toltec  Jewels                              
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Jean A. Wells                                
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DiYana Alcalde                             
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Jayne Capps                                 
Keri Lee Sereika                          
Melissa Trudinger                      
Elsie Deliz-Fonseca                    
Jeanne Steck                                
Carolyn Lawson                           
Kay Thomerson                           

Maybeline Tay                             
Jackie Locantore                         
D'Arsie Manzella                         
Jacqueline Marchant                
Lori Bergmann                             
Beccy Peterson                           
Katie Nielson-Nunez                 
Heidi Kingman                             
Andrea Glick                                 
Rose Johnson                              

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Marti Conrad                                
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Mitzie Crider                                
Christa Murphy                  
Alisa Siceloff                                 
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Tracy Martin                                 
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Jennifer LaVite                            
Dolores Raml                                
Valerie Kravette                         
Bobbie Rafferty                           (you're here!)
Kathleen Breeding                     
Kristi Brokaw                                
Lisa Suver                                      
Natalie Moten                             
Jami Shipp                           

Diana Shiraishi                             
Heather Otto                               
Ghislaine Kruse-van Erp          
Lisa Knappenberger                  
Charlene Jacka                            
Patty Miller                                   
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Cris Peacock                                 
Andrea Rivers                              

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Kandice Seeber                           
Janine Lucas                                 
Sandy Richardson                       
Hajer Waheed                             
Cynthia Abner                             
Peggy Johnson                            
Tina Holder                                   
Julie Bowen                                  
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Klaudete Koon                            
Michaela Pabeschitz                 
Mea-B. Uebler                            
Mandi Effron                                
Evelyn Shelby                              
Shai Williams                                

Natalie Davidson                        
Evelyn Duberry                           
Cindy Pack                                     
Eszter Czibulyas                          
Sylvia Lupberger                         
Divya N                                           
JJ Jacobs                                         
Blanca Medina                             
Ginger Davis Allman                  
Chris Eisenberg                           

Katja Benevol Gabrrijelcic       
Jodie Marshall                             
Margareta Saari                          
Menka Gupta                              
Dian Hierschel                              
Kashmira Patel                            
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Sam Siegel                                     
Gina Hockett                                

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Enikö Fabian                                 
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Silke Groeber                               
Birgit Klughardt                           
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Alenka Obid                                  
Jacqueline Keller                        
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Jackie Ryan                                   
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Stephanie Weiss                         
Elsbeth Fuchs                               
Johanna Nash                                        http://

Natascha Marty                          
Sarah Goode                                
Agata Grygiel                               
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Rebecca Sirevaag                       
Magdalena Sikora                      
Ana Krepel                                    
Saskia Letta                                   
Beth Emery                                   
Lizzie Clarke                                  

Evie and Beth McCord              
Marcia Dunne                              
Agi Kiss                                           
Esterina Jagiella                           
Judith Johnston                          
Jenny Vidberg                             
Klaudia Toth                                 
Merja Sundström                       
Colleen Vinthagen                     
Leah Curtis                                    

Giorgia Rossini                             
Sandra Wollberg                         ‎
Annica Larsson                            
Johana Nunez                              
Krafty Max                                    
Lori Schneider                              
Mary Govaars                              
Mischelle Andrade Fanucchi  
Maddison Langford                   
Ginger Bishop                              

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Lesley Watt                                   
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Roxanne Blanc                             
Wendy Chamberlain                 
Siobhán Keogh                            
Claire Fabian                                 
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Kathy Lindemer                          
Bridget Torres                              
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Christina Hickman                      
Tammie Everly                             
Ana Cravidao                                
Keren Panthaki                           
Jennifer VanBenschoten           

Solange Collin                              
Marina Kosović                            
Michelle Tucker                          
Sue Rennie                                   
Claire Lockwood                         
Barb Solem                                   
Caroline Dewison                       
Noemi Baena Roman                
Nancy Dale                                    
Marsela Schroth                         

Amy Severino                              
Vonna Maslanka                         
Andra Marasteanu                    
Cherrie Warzocha                      
Amanda Wacasey                      
Marcy Lamberson                      
Lisa Johnson                                 
Gail Vanderster-Zwang            
Laurie Keefe-Cecere                 
Asri Wahyuningsih                     

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Lilik Kristiani                                  
Stephanie Haussler                   
Deb Fortin                                     
Kelly Hosford Patterson          
Katy Heider                                   
Christine Stonefield                  
Dagmar Liebisch                          
Sandra McGriff                            

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Rossana De Gaspari                   
Cory Tompkins                            
Sonya Stille                                   
Judy Riggs                                      
Lora Bright                                     
Tina Noonan                                 
Shawn Price                                  
April Grinaway                             
Cheryl Roe                                    

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Shirley Moore                              
Emmanuelle Roué                     
Tammy Adams                            
Kristin Oppold                              
Catie Doman                                
Sheila Prosterman                     
Cheryl Foiles                                 
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Barbara Fernald                          

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Sherri Stokey                               
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Donna Millard                              
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Eva Sherman                                

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Linda Sadler                                  
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Terry Jeanette Carter                  
Susan Kelly                                    

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Annita Wilson                              
Tracey Leeder                              
Elizabeth Bunn                            
Allison Fitzpatrick                       
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Kim Williams                                 

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Tari Kahrs                                       
Nancy Smith                                 
Erin Grant                                      
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Karin King                                      

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Donna Conklin                             
Karen Jones                                  
Lori Finney                                    
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Sabine Dittrich                             
Helen Simon                                 

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Marge Beebe                               
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Chandra Merod                          
Nancy Olliver                                
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Ann Rishell                                              Http://
Cece Cormier                               
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Cheryl Brown                               
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Cate van Alphen                         

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Billi R.S. Rothove                         
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Laurie Wirth                                  
Lori Callahan                                           www.Dancingwireandbeads/
B.R. Kuhlman                               
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Lori Bowring Michaud               

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Susanna Lehto                             
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