Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Project That Ate My Bead Table - The Conclusion

If you've been visiting for a while, you may remember the project that ate my bead table.  It started out with some watch faces that I bezeled.

Then I struggled with virtually every step beyond that.  How to arrange them.  How to connect them.  What to do to transform it from an interesting centerpiece into a real necklace.  Argh!!!!

I would work on it for a while, and then have to set it aside until inspiration struck again.

But finally I finished it, and I'm finally happy with it.  Hooray!!

The watch faces got arranged and rearranged.  The sparkly wheel used as a toggle clasp had to be resized to balance in scale.  And I rethought the neckstrap - I did end up using a flat spiral stitch, but changed the large beads to a mix of freshwater pearls and pyrite rounds, and didn't break it into sections.

Bless her heart, this ugly duckling finally became a swan.  She had a highly prolonged awkward phase (kinda like the beader who made her...), but I think she's finally ready to be introduced to polite society

Now to find a fancy place to go so I can wear it before I put it up for sale (a girl's gotta wear quality check her work, right?)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Color Challenge Giveaway Results!

As part of the Challenge of Color blog hop, I promised to give the three pieces I created to lovely people who left comments on my reveal post.

Drum roll, please....


The winner of the necklace is Skye of Creative Chaos(I swear the necklace hangs vertically, though the stupid picture won't show any other way than horizontally!)

The winner of the earrings is Heidi of Ex Post Facto Jewelry.

The winner of the bracelet is Kristen of My Bead Journey.

Please email me at with your mailing information so the elves can send these little extra somethings for under the tree!

And thanks to all who were so kind to stop by, take a look, leave a comment, join as a follower, and in general, share the beady fun!  Y'all made this a great experience!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Is That Cake?

If you're looking for the Challenge of Color reveal and giveaway, go here

Why, yes, yes it is cake!  Or it was.

My birthday was yesterday, and the people in my office were sweet enough to bring cake.

Yellow cake with caramel icing so good it makes you want to dance, weep for joy, and pledge to live in elastic waistbanded pants for the rest of your life in order to accommodate your ever-widening hips.  I will drive many miles to get this cake.

In fact, I made myself throw away the fork so I would stop eating it.

Not really a beady post, but I suspect that some of you might understand ;-)  The bakery ships if you're interested...I swear I don't own stock in the place!

So, what sweet plans are on tap for your weekend?