Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Yes, I Have Been Living Under A Rock...

...or at least completely slammed with work, family, show prep, and other obligations that have kept me from getting here to post witty and insightful updates.  Or dull updates.  Or any updates.

So instead of boring you with tales of my particular rock ('tis the season, and having work and family obligations are something I really am thankful for), I'll just show you a piece I made a while back with some pretty rocks. 

I love the colors of flourite, and finding beads with so much buttery yellow in them added a little extra yummy.  Wire them up with some amethyst rounds and gold filled wire, and it puts a pretty glow in any day.

Yep, I think this one's going to be for sale at this weekend's show.

Seriously, this picture was right side up when I uploaded it...
I swear.
I may be crazy busy these days, but I still know which end is up.
Y'all have a good weekend -- I'll see you next week, somewhere between thawing turkey and cleaning house for holiday guests!


Skye said...

That is a beautiful necklace :) I seriously doubt it will be returning home with you after the show ;)

And every time I post more then one photo, there's always one I have to turn... and it never posts as being turned >.< I've even deleted it and reloaded it to no avail. Using a link to an album outside of the blog doesn't help either.... the album shows it as being upright, but the blog posts it sideways >.< LOL

Karen Williams said...

I'm right there under the rock with you! :) 'Tis indeed the season.

So thanks for sharing this piece - I'm assuming the long oval beads are the flourite? They're not the colors I usually associate with the mineral, and you're right, they're yummy!