Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Theme and Variations

What do I do with a three-day weekend?  Well, this weekend, I....

Rearranged the front hall coat closet so that it holds all of my display setup (including tent!), and I never again have to haul everything up and down the stairs before and after a show.  My aching back and arms rejoice in anticipation! (Plus, I feel that all those hours playing Tetris have been justified, as fitting all that crap in a tiny space was a feat of creative placement, so double win!)

Prepped and inventoried a bunch o' stuff for this weekend's show.  Not great fun, but satisfying.

Drove to Cincinnati for a quick visit with the son.  Fun and satisfying, and since it involved dinner, delicious.

Finally finished hopping through the third reveal of the 6th Bead Soup Blog Hop.  Fun, satisfying, delicious, and inspirational.

Cheered like a wild woman for the Crimson Tide.  A football season obsession inevitability...

And spent several hours exploring a single pattern with different bead combinations. Played with lots of different daggers, leaf shapes and drops, trying not to repeat any combinations that I may have used in the past.

So here are some of the variations on the theme (please excuse the fact that they do not yet have their ear wires -- the delicate and easily offended may be put off by the soon-to-be-complete earrings' relative nakedness...)

So what did you do with your long weekend?


KJ said...

I did my usual weekend chores and added in an extra shopping trip for a new coverlet for my bed. I did not bead. I did not sweep or mop my floors- something I just couldn't find time for while catching up on old TV series, cooking, and reading a book. Life is all about choices.

You will be happy to have your entire setup in a closet; and although the lack of hauling is a benefit, the bigger benefit is having it all contained.

I like the layered look of your naked earrings.

Glad you had a productive weekend.

AntiquityTravelers said...

Oh how fun! I love a good game of closet Tetris ! I have a closet at my place that could use you :)

Those earrings are fantastic! I love how you've done these

Karin Slaton said...

What a great, football, fabulous beads. And now that everything's organized, you'll have more time for all of the above. Love the earrings, especially that last pair with the red crystals and silver sead beads.

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Bobbie,
Roll Tide! They are off to a good start!
Congratulations on getting the closet organized so you no longer have to trek all the stuff up and down the stairs. Love the earring sets so cool. I worked all last weekend and Labor Day at my job as a Police Communications Officer for the great state of Alabama, then when I got home I worked at my other full time job of bead weaver.
Have you seen that Christine and I are hosting another A Time To Stitch challenge?

aneri_masi said...

These are such pretty flowers!

I went to Los Angeles for the long weekend :)